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spa day

Daily Dose of Love: Elephant Spa

Spa Day with Mom! African elephants spend the majority of their day foraging for food, but they save time for a little R&R. Elephants love bathing at the watering hole, mud wallowing, and dust bathing. Yesterday we glimpsed this mom and her baby giving themselves the full spa treatment. See more spa days on our African

Wild dog 2

Q&A: Africa Live Chat with Dedan Ngatia!

Great news! Mpala Live will be hosting a live chat with Dedan Ngatia and will need you to send us questions by Wednesday, April 19th for Ngatia to answer!  Dedan is a post-graduate student at Karatina University in Kenya with a lifelong passion for conservation/wildlife research and with a deep interest in carnivores and disease ecology. For his Master’s

elephants at watering hole

Days in the Life of Mpala!

While many of our live cam viewers in the United States and rest of the Western Hemisphere ready for bed each night, the animals in Kenya’s Laikipia County are just starting their day.  Home to nearly 7000 elephants and over 1100 species of birds, Mpala Research Center is dedicated – along with partner explore.org –

The hammer-headed hammerkop

Mpala Hammerkops Build Nest Before Your Eyes (Video)

Valerie May from Mpala here! What intriguing footage of a mated hammerkop pair building a nest! These fascinating birds—named for the hammer-shape of their head—build among the largest nests in the avian world. Generally located in the fork of a tree, the nests can rise as high as six feet and weigh 110 pounds! You

Vervet Monkey, Snapshot from BeckyT-GA

Monkeying Around

Baboons, monkeys, chimpanzees… meet the primates of the African Wildlife Cams. In this short video, see the “best of” primate highlights collected from our Live Cams.