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Decorah Eagle cam by Dgale06

Fan Favorite Snapshot Contest Winners!

Wow! The snapshots you all took these past few weeks were incredible! To view the Snapshot Dashboard please click here! Here are our Fan Favorite Snapshot contest winners!  We will be reaching out to winners next week!


Baby Elephant Falls, Family Rushes to Rescue (video)

Fact: There is nothing more adorable than a baby elephant. Yes, fact. They’re bite-size versions of the world’s largest terrestrial animal, which already makes them a little more relatable to humans than their enormous older relatives. Plus, they’re just learning how to navigate the world; they’re awkward on their feet and with their trunks and


Baboons Clean Up Real Nice

Grooming is a major activity for social animals – horses, lions, humans, and many other animals regularly clean their fur, scales, feathers, and skin. Grooming serves a social purpose, allowing animals to bond and build relationships. It’s mutually beneficial, grows feeling of trust and loyalty, and establishes hierarchies.


Conserve Water – Shower with an Elephant!

It’s always a great idea to save water. The precious resource is limited, and earth’s population continues to grow. Luckily there are so many ways to conserve H20 – from fixing leaky faucets to throwing errant ice cubes into houseplants instead of down the drain. Or, you could take a cue from an elephant and

african elephant

Improve Your Memory with Elephant Facts

“As the world’s largest land mammal, elephants are incredibly powerful creatures, capable of completely altering environments by uprooting bushes and tearing down entire trees. Despite their strength, elephants are very dexterous. Using the nearly 100,000 muscles in its trunk, an elephant can use the tip of it to pick a single leaf off a branch.”

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