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elephants at watering hole

Days in the Life of Mpala!

While many of our live cam viewers in the United States and rest of the Western Hemisphere ready for bed each night, the animals in Kenya’s Laikipia County are just starting their day.  Home to nearly 7000 elephants and over 1100 species of birds, Mpala Research Center is dedicated – along with partner explore.org – to bringing these wondrous animals to viewers all over the world. But unless you stay up all night watching the AfricaCam, you may just miss most of these stories as they unfold.

Fortunately, explore.org and Mpala have dedicated followers who do capture stills photos of giraffes, eagles, hippos and more. We present to you some of the best snapshots from this week from the AfricaCam!

It’s the next best thing to being a night owl.

elephant and her calf

Elephant captured by BeckyT-GA

girrafe in mpala

Giraffes as tall as trees. Photo captured by member lilac.

hippos relaxing

Mid-morning hippo bellies. Photo captured by member lilac.

hippos in watering hole in mpala africa

Butting heads. Photo captured by member Peace1967.

africa eagle

An African Fish Eagle scans the water for lunch.

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