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Daily Dose of Love: Fall Foliage & Farm Animals

Fall Fun If your favorite summer live cams are winding down for the season, embrace the fall! Our Farm Sanctuary cams are a great place to watch the leaves change color, and to glimpse rescued farm animals enjoying the cool-down. Courtney | explore.org

Daily Dose Of Love: Wild Coyote Surprises Pronghorn!

I didn’t see you there! Reaching speeds of over 40 miles per hour, the pronghorn is one of the fastest mammals on earth. Way faster than a predator like this coyote, even if it cared to give chase. Still, we’re glad the pronghorn finally noticed the toothy canid and hoofed it before it became lunch.

Daily Dose Of Love: See Behind Our Live Cams!

How We Get From Nature To You Ever wonder how Explore.org captures beautiful scenes from the wild – like brown bears fishing for salmon in Alaska, orcas rubbing their bellies on the sea floor, or the intimate peeks into puffin burrows – and streams those moments live as they happen to your computer screens and

Daily Dose of Love: Lazy Lioness!

Lay on down with Nikita! It’s been a long week, huh? We know, and we feel the same! Sometimes we watch the live cams and go, wouldn’t THAT be nice. This week we caught Lioness Nikita spending her day lounging which has made everyone here at explore.org very jealous. With the cool Florida breeze and a soft patch

Daily Dose Of Love: Live Update On Our Favorite Farm

How are our goat friends doing? Benedict and Charles are greatest of all time friends who live together in and around Farm Sanctuary’s Turkey Barn. Little Benedict, even with the neurological issues that affect his mobility, gets around great on his flashy wheels. Tomorrow (Thursday, October 5th) at 2pm ET/11am PT, National Shelter Director Susie Coston will

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