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Have you seen an elephant or beluga whale smile? Our volunteer camera operators follow everything from chipmunks to wild elephants… puppies to brown bears… peaceful, smiling belugas to gentle giant pandas. And much, much more. Would you like to learn how to be one? 

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As the song goes, “It Ain’t Over til It’s Over.” In this episode of Mike’s journey to walk again, he looks at the future ahead and the struggles behind. Learn about “The Man Before the Accident” – the acclaimed underwater cinematographer, Mike Prickett who shot many films including the surf epic Chasing Mavericks. Journey with him

Mike Prickett’s Journey Continued

From Tahiti to San Diego and off to Palm Springs… Follow Mike’s journey to recovery after an underwater accident left him paralyzed. Mike Prickett is a true waterman and Director of Photography. He is known for his entrancing work on the films Step into Liquid and Riding Giants. He has shot in nearly every ocean in

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