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This Week on Explore (6/14)

The Arctic Snowy Owl Cam is back! Come join us for an exclusive look at a nesting owl pair in Alaska. D32 has finally been located! A bit banged up but otherwise relatively in good shape, D32 has been taken to SOAR tp ensure it gets healthy again! Last week, we held a snapshot contest for

senior dog blog 4

OFSDS Weekly Update (6/7)

New to the Gardens Cash – a beagle Merle – another beagle The shelter said Cash and Merle are bonded but so far they have shown no love towards each other. Returned to the Gardens Maverick Miscellaneous Dog Updates Post surgery lab results are in on Freckles and the findings are grim.  Freckles has cancer

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This Week on Explore (6/7)

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster this week on explore.org! The week started out with an unexpected shock when eaglet D32 branched and then left the tree entirely. It’s unknown whether the fledge was intentional, so Raptor Resource Project took immediate action to locate D32 on the ground. A few hours later, D33 explored the Skywalk, lost it’s footing,

guillemot blog

This Week on Explore (5/31)

The Guillemot cam is live again and to our surprise there is a newly laid egg! Come watch the Guillemot cam! Did you know that porcupines can have up to 30,000 quills? Tune into the Africams to see even more incredible wildlife! Corals are the literal and figurative bedrock of one of Earth’s most diverse

ofsds blog post

OFSDS Weekly Update (5/24)

New to the Gardens Smo – beagle bonded with Carl Sophie – toy poodle – bonded Beasley – miniature poodle – bonded Caesar – miniature poodle – bonded To Forever Foster Gandolf Miscellaneous Dog Updates Harley had a large tumor removed from his left front foot,  He is recovering well. Bosco has spent some R

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