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Bear Moment by CamOp Spish

Daily Dose of Love: Bear Necessities

Soak Up The Remainder of Bear Season Bear season is winding down, which means you only have a little longer to watch delicious moments like this. Stay tuned for our remaining ranger chats, and don’t forget to check out the weekly Bear Cam Week in Review updates by your resident moderators, Lani and GABear. Watch the full clip


Daily Dose Of Love: What’s Black & White & Red All Over?

HUA HU AND HIS FAVORITE BALL! The antics of the panda cam toddlers always makes me smile. Here Hua Hu shows a little love for his favorite plaything. As you’re settling in for the evening, the pandas are just waking up. You may be able to catch them now! Rick | explore.org  

Snapshot by Suzzi

Live Chat with John Howe! (9/21)

Have you been feeling like there is something missing in your life since the eagles have fledged? Well, we are here to deliver some good news! Join us on Thursday, September 21st, at 12 pm PT/ 3 pm ET for a live chat with John Howe, Amy Ries, Kike Arnal, and Sherri Elliot!  John and


This Week On Explore (9/15)

Once more, we want to thank all our dedicated service members, canine and human, for their bravery during 9/11. We were fortunate enough to see a  Humpback Whale breaching! Service Dog Project welcomes the birth of a new donkey!  

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Daily Dose Of Love: Bear Cubs Stick Close To Mom!

A Bear Cub’s World Revolves Around Mama There’s nothing like the love between a mother bear and her cubs. Their bond will keep the young ones alive as she nurses them, feeds them salmon, teaches them to fish, and protects them from the world’s dangers – including other bears. For the two and a half

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