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Egg Calendar

When will the Decorah and Decorah North eagles start laying eggs?

Tik-tok egg clock! When can we expect the Decorah and Decorah North eagles to begin laying eggs? If they follow their usual schedules: The Decorah eagles should begin laying eggs in mid-to-late February. Look for laying to start between February 17 and February 23. The Decorah North eagles should begin laying eggs in mid-to-late February.

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This Week on Explore (1/17)

Bella the Hummingbird has laid her second egg! We are so pleased to see Bella thrive after a tumultuous season last year. Watch her now!  On Seal Island and few other select places off the coast of New England, gray seals come to shore to give birth and mate just as winter fully cloaks their

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This Week on Explore (1/10)

Australia is currently being devastated by catastrophic wildfires that are impacting residents and wildlife. With 18 million acres already lost, these wildfires are displacing thousands of people and animals who once called these lands home. We saw an immediate need to help and pledged to match $75,000 to any donations made to our wildfire relief

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This Week on Explore (12/20)

Last week, we were honored at the Streamys Social Good Awards which honors the companies and brands, creators and influencers, and nonprofits and NGOs who use online video and social media to amplify their message, foster engagement and participation, and make a greater, more meaningful impact. We are excited to announce that Charlie Annenberg and

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This Week on Explore (12/13)

This week, explore.org was honored at the Streamy’s Social Good Awards for best streaming NGO/Non-Profit. We are so grateful for this honor and thank you all for being part of this journey! We just can’t get enough manatees! Welcome our Homosassa Springs cameras in Florida to the explore.org network, made possible by Save the Manatee

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