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This Week on Explore (11/15)

This week, we celebrated Veteran’s Day by completing a matching fundraiser for Service Dog Project. Within THREE DAYS you raised over $115,000 dollars to help veterans receive service dogs. As we promised, we will match every single dollar with a grand total of $230,000! Thank you to the men, women, and K9s who have fought to

polar bear and buggy blog

This Week on Explore (11/8)

Happy Polar Bear Week! In partnership with Polar Bears International, we spent all week learning about polar bear migration, the importance of sea ice, and what we can do to help solve the climate change crisis.  If you watch the polar bear cams, you can still play Polar Bear Cam Bingo and win prizes. Learn more here!

tick fire gentle barn fundraiser blog

This Week on Explore (11/1)

When the Tick Fire engulfed parts of Southern California, it threatened the lives of the rescued animals at The Gentle Barn, a non-profit that rehabilitates animals from severe abuse and neglect. We started a matching fundraiser and within two days you raised over $20,000! We are so moved by your generosity and so grateful to have a

polar bear blog

This Week on Explore (10/25)

Polar Bear Cam is back live from the arctic tundra in Churchill, Canada! Join us every day as we watch polar bears wait for the sea ice to freeze. We started this week with a special live event with Polar Bears International and Mike Fitz. Check it out here: Years ago, Polar Bears International collared a bear

Drawing by beloved bearcam fan Dicky Neely

Bear Cam Fan Art Week 2019 Submissions

Last week, we asked viewers to submit their artwork, poems, or any creative piece inspired by the bearcams. We received so many incredible submissions we couldn’t keep them all to ourselves so we decided to share a bunch of beautiful pieces with you all! My Ode to 480 Otis by Goldilocks, Canada: Sung to “Sitting

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