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This Week on Explore (2/15)

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the Sauces Bald Eagles. After laying two eggs last week, both of them broke unexpectedly. Within one day of the eggs breaking, ANOTHER egg was laid. So despite the loss of two eggs, the Sauces Eagles hold onto one last attempt at a successful chick. We

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OFSDS Weekly Update (2/8)

We are having the winter of rain…cold rain….and more rain. New to the Gardens Albus – a chihuahua To Forever Foster Lexi    Annabelle     Judy has gone on several sleepovers with one of our staff. Miscellaneous Dog Updates Fanny is still hanging out in Medical with her BFF Dutchess while her eye continues to

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This Week on Explore (2/8)

What an EGG-cellent week we have had at explore.org! First up, Bella’s two chicks have successfully fledged the nest! We look forward to seeing Holly and Noel explore the world and hope they come back to visit every now and then. Congratulations to Elsa on welcoming a newborn hummingbird into the world. Despite that her

Great gray owls! Great horned owls! There are many great — nay, superb — owl livestreams to enjoy on Sunday … or whenever you’d like to see some head turners. Photo by JANMEJAYSINH JADEJA/EYEEM/GETTY IMAGES

Read Wired’s Article: “Ditch the Super Bowl for A Who’s Who of Suberb Owls”

By Sandra Upson This Sunday, the subreddit /r/superbowl will host a gathering of hoo-ligans. They’ll be fans of the Nocturnal Flying League. Real birds of a feather. Starting at 6 pm ET, the Superb Owl community will kick off an Ask Me Anything with biologist James Duncan, who has spent his entire adult life studying owls and a mere

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OFSDS Weekly Update (2/1)

New to the Gardens Lemy – a black lab mix To Forever Fosters Plato Linus Jake Across the Rainbow Bridge Snoopy – one of the original Home Gang Trixie – quite unexpectedly Miscellaneous Updates Ellie came to us in mid-December weighing 122 lbs. By the end of January she is down to 108.4 lbs. Yah

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