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Upcoming Live Chat with Chris Morgan!

Explore.org is pleased to announce that Chris Morgan will be hosting a talk and Q&A on February 28th at 1 pm PST in recognition of International Polar Bear Day! Chris Morgan is an ecologist and award-winning conservationist, educator, TV host and film producer. He brings people back to nature, and nature back to people, all towards inspiring

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CamOp Photo Contest Winners for January!

Our volunteer camera operators always capture the best moments on our live cams! See our January winners below! First Place:  Bald eagle at the Gray Seals platform By CamOp Fawn Runner Ups: Northern Lights Studies Center By CamOp Doug Mpala Watering Hole By CamOp Benn Honorable Mentions: Fruit Bats By CamOp Kwaahu Great Horned Owl at

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Meet TJ the Tiger!

By Big Cat Rescue TJ was the youngest of four tigers who were rescued in 2007 from a breeding facility in Center Hill Florida called Savage Kingdom.  Savage Kingdom was run by an ex-circus performer named Robert Baudy who had been famous for his big cat act in the 1950’s.  He boasted that the way


Warrior Canine Connection Puppy Progression

Puppy Progression: A weekly breakdown of their development By WCC’s Beth Bourgeois Many of you have been watching Jessi’s Courage Litter eat, sleep and grow right before your very eyes. Each week, these pint-sized pups make new strides in their growth and development. Because the details aren’t always visible through the video feed, here’s a

By Cam Op Cairo's Mom

Volunteer Camera Operators Needed!

Volunteer camera operators love animals and nature, and enjoy sharing explore.org with the world. They are your passionate tour guides to some of the most incredible views and experiences you’ve ever seen on a live camera. We’re seeking new remote volunteer camera operators to help share the best views from our wide network of nature and animal

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