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Snapshot by BruniCaselli

Brooks Falls Trail

By Mike Fitz As soon as you arrive at Brooks Camp, you enter a landscape teeming with brown bears. After attending a mandatory bear safety talk, most people hustle to their true destination, Brooks Falls. The experience of watching bears at the falls is only part of the Brooks Camp adventure, however. Simply walking to


OrcaLab Live Chat: Orca Families (8/15)

You may have read the heartbreaking CNN story this weekend of a mother orca unable to let go of her dead calf. It’s a reminder of how close of a bond familial groups are in orca populations. Joining us to expand on orca families are OrcaLab founders Paul Spong and Helena Symonds in a live

dumpling mountain blog

Bearcam Line of Sight

By Mike Fitz Brown bears, salmon, and Katmai National Park’s beautiful scenery are the main highlights of the bearcams, but where are the bearcams and where, specifically, do they look? Brooks River is located in the center of Katmai National Park and about 300 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. The river, only 1.5 miles long,


OFSDS Weekly Update (8/10)

Relatively quiet week.  Contractor working/or getting ready to work on a few small projects. Our volunteers continue to LOVE our new washer and dryer ! Dog Updates Peanut spent a pleasant week in Reception. He will be staying there for the time being. Ponce also had a quiet week.  He’s mastering the art of sleeping.

2 AfricanElephant_TDR_01Nov10_3656

Daring Rescue of Baby Elephant on Mpala

 Wednesday, 8th Aug, 4PM Out and about at Mpala, the Living Laboratory and home of African wildlife on Explore, the Mpala Live team had trailed an elephant herd to a watering hole. In anticipation of World Elephant Day, celebrated every 12th day of August, we were in search of  a good story to share with viewers on Explore.org. Sandy Oduor, an elephant researcher at Mpala,

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