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OFSDS Answers Your Questions!

Question: I was wondering how you determine which dogs come to live here. Do they have a list of criteria that the dogs have to meet? How do you decide which dog gets pulled from a shelter if there are several seniors there? Answer: We take in dogs only from shelters and animal controls in

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This Week on Explore: Happy 2018!

Happy New Year! What a year we have had! Here’s a review of what’s happened, with some sneak peeks of what we’ve been doing in 2017 to bring you more great cams in 2018. We want to thank you for your continued support and look forward to a whole new year of adventures! Cheers!

Egyptian Goose flies over Nile Crocodile

Mpala Highlights from 2017

This week’s sighting of a Nile crocodile at the home of African Wildlife on Explore.org was not only exciting but with it came memories of a great year that was. All through, 2017 was filled with amazing sights and sounds from Mpala. Mpala remains a safe haven for endangered and threatened animals. Elephants, Grevy’s zebras, reticulated giraffes, and

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OFSDS: Questions from Explore

We are going to start using our Blog posting to answer some of the questions asked by our Explore.org supporters each week. The questions can be submitted at ofsdsexplore@gmail.com. We have received well over 100 questions, so each week we will select approximately 10 questions that have been asked most frequently and that will be

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Remembering CamOp Maddie

Some of you never met Madelaine “Maddie” Martin, but those of you who did could never forget her. She was 16 when she started cam op’ing for us. This was after a false start (of sorts). She was due to start on February 9, 2015. I got a call that morning from her father saying

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