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Warrior Canine Connection’s Welcome Home Litter Moves On

By Leigh Bluestein Warrior Canine Connection’s (WCC) Welcome Home Litter has brought laughter and delight to many viewers of Explore.org’s 24-hour puppy cam at WCC over the past eight weeks. The six playful puppies, born on January 7, 2018, have now moved on to next phase of their training to become skilled service dogs. Five

Snapshot by Shel_

This Week on Explore (3/16)

What an egg-cellent week! We have two eaglets on the Sauces Bald Eagle nest! We are just waiting for you number three… Have an Apple device? We have a new app to allow you to watch explore.org on the go! Download here! It’s a hippo party on the Africa Watering Hole cam! Come join us!

Grevy's zebra at a watering hole

A Hidden World

On any landscape with livestock and wildlife, the highest traffic can be found at watering holes. The most popular drinking spot here at Mpala Research Centre is the hippo pool, our home of African wildlife on Explore.org. Watering holes are an essential resource in the semi-arid savannah. They are the places where wildlife, herders and their livestock get water. On

Mpala's Camel Herd (Photo: V. May)

Camels and Cattle: Living with Wildlife

Laikipia’s heritage includes pastoralists and their animals living side-by-side with wildlife (teachers find downloadable lesson plans on habitats and communities). Every so often, a herd of goats, cattle or camels will be seen on the live camera feeds at Mpala Research Centre, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. Researchers here believe that coexistence between wildlife, people and domestic animals

luna hummingbird blog

This Week on Explore (3/2)

March Madness has begun! No, we aren’t talking about college basketball but rather the egg-cellent amount of eggs ready to hatch at any moment! Decorah Eagles now has THREE eggs! Sadly, the Hummingbird nest suffered some tragedies this week. Comet the chick passes away and Star has been removed and moved to a rehab center.

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