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Community Conservation Day - Warriors celebrate conservation efforts

A Living Classroom

Some of the best learning moments are often bundled in games, trivia questions and hands-on activities. For parents and their children, teachers and pupils, conservation education provides fun opportunities to grow and learn. Through funding received from Explore.org, researchers at Mpala have developed engaging and interactive material for use in class, at home and outdoors. Learners can

Snapshot by Brenda Lane

This Week on Explore (12/8)

Dog lovers! We are hosting a Dog Snapshot Contest where TWO winners a week will be chosen and sent a small prize! Learn more here! Get to know more about the quirky and sweet dogs at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary by reading their latest blog post here! Check out our Two Harbors Bald Eagle

Sophie, at 17, probably our oldest Old Friend

OFSDS: Love Us As We Are

Our Old Friends aren’t perfect – we love them for who they are…. Often we will get comments that are curious or critical of the look of one of our Old Friends…. Too fat, too skinny, bad hair, cloudy eyes, eye gunk, bad skin, you name it. Remember, we are a senior dog rescue, not

Photo by ECAD

Dog Snapshot Contest!

Woof Woof! We would like to present a new contest for all our avid dog lovers! Starting this week, we will be choosing TWO winning snapshots from the Dog Bless You Snapshot Dashboard to win a small prize! Want to win a small prize? All you have to do is take snapshots of your favorite dog live

Mrs. North CamOp Smithia Blog

CamOp Photo Winners: October 2017

First Place  Mrs. North by CamOp Spish (CamOp Eaglewind) Runner Ups Contemplation by CamOp Mel Howling by CamOp Stacy    Honorable Mentions  Playful Andy by CamOp Holly Autumn Grazers by CamOp Kathy Dreaming by CamOp Fawn Other notable CamOp Photos: 

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