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Olive baboon

Monkey Business

In one of the most interesting sequences ever captured on Explore.org, a curious olive baboon appears to be investigating Explore.org’s broadcast equipment at Mpala’s favourite watering hole, the hippo pool. The worldwide community was treated to a close up ‘face to face’ experience with the baboons. Whenever guests take a tour of the Mpala Research Centre campus, they end up at

Otis bear blog

This Week on Explore (6/22)

THE BEARS ARE BACK! It’s our favorite time of the year again, bear butt season! Tune in NOW! Aria from the West End Eagle Nest has fledged! Both of the Great Spirit Bluff Falcons have fledged! They are still hanging out around the nest so you can still watch them here! This week we had our

brooks river blog

The Mouth of Brooks River

By Mike Fitz Near the outlet of Brooks River the “lower river,” as its commonly called, is perhaps the most variable and diverse place seen on the bearcams. The lower river cams provide expansive views, colorful sunrises and sunsets, as well as the opportunity to see many yearly and seasonal changes. The lower river cameras

A young giraffe calf sticks close to its mother

Wounded Giraffes Treated in the Wild

Tall, elegant and with delicate strides characterised by an effortless ambling walk or gallop, the giraffe is a favourite animal for many people here on Mpala, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. The name “giraffe” comes from the Arabic word for “graceful.” One of the most distinguished of all African mammals, the giraffe is

keenan project puffin blog

Puffin Live Chat (6/19)

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday June 19th, at 1 pm PT/ 4 pm ET for a special live chat with Project Puffin!  Keenan Yakola will join us to talk about  puffin and other seabird colonies on Seal Island and how Project Puffin aims to continue growing the species population. Make sure to submit your questions below and

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