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First egg at Decorah North!

Congratulations to DNF and Mr. North! DNF laid her first egg of 2020 today at 3:36 PM CT. We hope for nothing but the best for the family this year! Watch the whole thing here… DNF laid two eggs last year starting on February 21. The first egg to hatch this year will be DN11.

This Week on Explore – February 21, 2020

Bella the Hummingbird’s chicks have fledged the nest! Year after year, Bella has proved to be an incredible mother and we are so excited to see where Bria and Brec take their next adventure. Please watch this love letter to Bella: It’s a great time to view the Northern Lights cam where you just may

February 19, 2020: DNF at the North Nest

Will we get an egg tonight at the North nest? Maybe…

A quick reminder – there is a reasonably good chance we could see egg #1 at the Decorah North nest tonight…although only DNF knows for sure.¬†We’ve got some North Nestflix for everyone pacing the delivery room floor with us tonight! Decorah North Eagles February 19, 2020: Owl knocked Mr. North – https://youtu.be/oOYVluusSrw and https://youtu.be/ywywxo83cPw. This

Giraffes on Parade

Giraffes have been front and center on the live cams at the Mpala Research Centre recently. On Mpala, we have reticulated giraffes–in our opinion the most beautiful of the nine sub-species. In an informal poll at the Mpala Research Centre a few years ago, the giraffe was voted the most popular of all our animals.

This Week on Explore – February 14th, 2020

This Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones how much you love them through the gift of nature. Join rush hour on your daily virtual commute through Africa by watching our Tembe cam! Enter in the Save the Manatee Club contest for a chance to win a limited edition calendar! Check out how to enter here.

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