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Mpala’s Impala

Impalas are among the most successful animals in the savannah. Their numbers tell a story of resilience and survival. For every mature Grevy’s zebra or reticulated giraffe in the grassland, savanna or shrubland, there are at least 2000 impalas. Although a popular menu item for most carnivores, they still thrive and grace the plateau with

Snapshot by CamOp Jules

OFSDS Weekly Update (11/9)

New to the Gardens Marigold – black lab mix Nana – mastiff Returning to the Gardens Rue Medical Updates Violet was spayed Toy had surgery this week – removal of growth and a couple of toes and removal of a growth in his anal area. Duncan had surgery and appears to have a foster home

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OFSDS Weekly Update (11/2)

Across the Rainbow Bridge Baby Cora Returning to the Gardens Cher Benji To a Forever Foster Romo Medical Updates Martha spent the weekend in Medical…not sure why Spencer in Medical for a problem with his face that Dr Christine is still diagnosing.  Lily is right there with him. Minnie made a return visit to the

A charging young bull.

Elephants Run the Show

Mpala’s favourite watering hole continues to present fascinating sights and sounds of the Ewaso Ng’iro river. Of the estimated 100 mammal and 550 bird species in the region, including large populations of elephants and rare animals like the Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and the African wild dog, this watering hole, better known as the Hippo

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This Week on Explore (11/2)

Happy November! Thanks to our amazing bearcam moderators and viewers, we are excited to present the top ten bearcam moments of this past season: We kick off November with some other exciting news…Kamilah the Bat is back! Stay tuned for a brand new #batcam coming soon to explore! Whale, whale, whale…who do we have here?

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