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Mpala’s New Director – Kenyan Naturalist Dr. Dino Martins

Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia, Kenya – home of explore’s Africa Cams – has a new director, scientist and naturalist Dino J. Martins. His career has focused on fostering greater awareness for science and research and their connections to conservation and human livelihoods.

Mpala Live Chat: Zebras Not Always Black & White

Zebra expert Dr. Dan Rubenstein recently joined us for a spirited live chat, answering viewers’ questions and covering topics like the Grevy’s Zebra diet, migratory behavior, mating habits and even their history in the ancient Roman Circus. Knowledge of these animals is growing and always evolving; Dan keeps us on the cutting edge of research

elephants at watering hole

Days in the Life of Mpala!

While many of our live cam viewers in the United States and rest of the Western Hemisphere ready for bed each night, the animals in Kenya’s Laikipia County are just starting their day.  Home to nearly 7000 elephants and over 1100 species of birds, Mpala Research Center is dedicated – along with partner explore.org –