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Giraffes on Parade

Giraffes have been front and center on the live cams at the Mpala Research Centre recently. On Mpala, we have reticulated giraffes–in our opinion the most beautiful of the nine sub-species. In an informal poll at the Mpala Research Centre a few years ago, the giraffe was voted the most popular of all our animals.

Wounded Giraffes Treated in the Wild

Tall, elegant and with delicate strides characterised by an effortless ambling walk or gallop, the giraffe is a favourite animal for many people here on Mpala, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. The name “giraffe” comes from the Arabic word for “graceful.” One of the most distinguished of all African mammals, the giraffe is

giraffe looking at camera

Top 5 Giraffe Photos Of The Week

Giraffes are graceful and beautiful, as they move on their long legs and reach their tall necks to eat the highest leaves. Have a look on the live cams and see these gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat. Here are five of the best giraffe photos for the week.

A family of elephants having fun sliding down the hill!

Top 5 African Animal Lookout Photos Of The Week

This week on the African Animal Lookout Cam we were able to capture many different animals. We have seen hippos, cattle, monkeys, deer, birds, elephants and giraffes. Have you been able to spot zebras? Take a look and see if you are able to capture some zebra images! None were spotted this week. African Animal

elephants at watering hole

Days in the Life of Mpala!

While many of our live cam viewers in the United States and rest of the Western Hemisphere ready for bed each night, the animals in Kenya’s Laikipia County are just starting their day.  Home to nearly 7000 elephants and over 1100 species of birds, Mpala Research Center is dedicated – along with partner explore.org –

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