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Fat Bear Campaign Poster Winners – 2023

by Elizabeth Cason – This is the underdog we all need. 2. By Hannah Bishop – We’ve all heard of the Lord of the Rings, but the Lord of the Falls is far superior in my book! 3. Sara Curtis – May the fattest win. 4. I love you, Otis! – Claire, age 10 5.

Does Otis the bear inspire support for conservation?

By Mike Fitz If you watch any of the wildlife or animal-themed cams on explore.org, then you know that they provide an exceptional lens through which we can view the lives of individual animals. The gorilla Pinga’s leadership and maternal devotion allowed her blended family group at GRACE to heal from trauma. The California condor

polar bears

Polar Bear Cam: Live Events

All live events for the Polar Bear Cam will take place on the Tundra Connections Channel. Tuesday, October 19th, 1:00pm Central Polar Bears on the Tundra: Cam Kick-off It’s that time of year again! Polar bears are gearing up for the sea ice to return soon, gathering along the shores of Hudson Bay in anticipation

Fat Bear Week Live Events 2021

Celebrate the success of Brooks River’s world-famous bears during Fat Bear Week. Your vote decides which bear will be crowned the fattest of the year. National Park Service rangers and explore.org’s resident naturalist Mike Fitz are hosting many live events to help inform your vote. Watch the bears every day on explore.org. Fat Bear Junior

Bear Cam Live Events Schedule: September 2021

Late summer is here and Katmai National Park’s brown bears are packing on the pounds in preparation for their winter hibernation. National Park Service rangers and explore.org’s resident naturalist Mike Fitz have many live events in store this month, including Fat Bear Week which begins September 29. And, don’t forget to watch the bears every

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