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A younger, less dominant 856 (left) plays with 489 Ted in 2008. Photo courtesy of Jeanne Roy.

Choose Your Brown Bear Live Chats!

In a whole new twist on live chats, our guide to bear cam season Ranger Dave Kopshever of Katmai National Park is asking YOU to help choose what he and his guests talk about! Learn more in this video: Tell us what you want to know in the comments below! Watch brown bears live, all


Daily Dose of Love: Brown Bears Are Back At Brooks Falls!

First Bears Spotted At The Falls! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Live Brown Bear Cam is back online and we’ve already spotted a family of bears at Brooks Falls! Fans have ID’d the group as Grazer and her cubs, and I’m with them since our bear cam fans know best. Soon, dozens

Bear 128 Grazer and her cubs. Photo by A. Gantt

Countdown to Bear Cam!

  The countdown has begun! Are you getting excited for #BearCam to come online? Ranger David Kopshever of Katmai National Park & Preserve joins explore.org to welcome you to a whole new season of Brown Bears! Stay tuned to this page to be notified as soon as we go “live.”

503 and Walker 151 Play Fighting

Brown Bear Story: KenaiRiver

A Tale of Brown Bears and Two Rivers “This is a story of two Alaskan rivers, both rich in history and wildlife. The nationally famous Kenai River, meandering for 82 miles through the heart of the Kenai Peninsula empties into Cook Inlet. It is recognized more for fishing rather than for bears. And, the beloved


Brown Bear Story: Larinor

“Another favorite memory is the sweet scene in 2015 of Bear 402 nursing her quadruplets. She had a look of complete contentment and peace on her face at that moment, which contrasted sharply with her frantic fishing at the Falls only minutes before. I was relieved that she was able to lie back and relax

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