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Lion king

Spotlight on Big Cats

In a few days, nations around the globe celebrate World Wildlife Day under the theme “Big Cats: Predators Under Threat”. Here at Mpala, the home of African Wildlife on Explore.org, this important event will shine a spotlight on our mission to protect wildlife and their habitat using Science, Education and Conservation. Scientists are finding new ways to

Egyptian Goose flies over Nile Crocodile

Mpala Highlights from 2017

This week’s sighting of a Nile crocodile at the home of African Wildlife on Explore.org was not only exciting but with it came memories of a great year that was. All through, 2017 was filled with amazing sights and sounds from Mpala. Mpala remains a safe haven for endangered and threatened animals. Elephants, Grevy’s zebras, reticulated giraffes, and

Photo: Tad Motoyama

Los Angeles Zoo Gets a Halloween Bundle of Joy

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens got a bundle of joy on Halloween with the birth of a hippopotamus. The calf, who has not been named yet, came as a surprise for both the guests and zoo staff. According to a press release, Mara, a 10-year-old hippo who arrived in Los Angeles late last year,

Mystery Swimmer on the African Wildlife Cam

Mystery Swimmer on African Wildlife Cam

“Well, I’m not a Nile monitor expert, but here goes…” Val from Mpala tries to identify our own Loch Ness Monster.

pink nose hippo in water

Hippos in the Hippo Pool: Update from Val

Val from Mpala here. We’ve had a couple of questions about the hippos and the hippo pool. (And Val has some answers.)

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