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This Week on Explore (2/16)

Wonderful news! The West End Bald Eagles have delivered a SECOND egg! We are so excited by this news and do you know who is even more excited? The eagles of course… This week we had not one but two live chats! We caught up with the Rangers at Katmai National Park and got an

Snapshot by merry_mermaid

This Week on Explore (2/9)

What an EGG-cellent week! We had the delight to see not one, not two, but THREE nests that now have eggs! Sauces Bald Eagles officially have THREE eggs. If you have been following this nest for the past few seasons, you know historically that two eggs are normally laid. With three, we are hoping to have

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This Week on Explore (1/26)

Well, we’ve had quite a week here at Explore! First off, the gray seals are back and better than ever! Make sure to watch by clicking here!   We have an exciting live chat with Denver Holt of Owl Research Institute next week on January 30th! Submit your questions here! Sadly, we had quite the

CamOp Maisie First Place Nov 2017

CamOp Photo Winners of November 2017

FIRST PLACE “Cattle Pond Sunset” by CamOp Maisie RUNNER UPS “Beautiful Nikita” by CamOp Arya “Mom Decorah” by CamOp John HONORABLE MENTIONS “Two Heads Better Than One?” by CamOp Cesar “Curious Visitor” by CamOp Greg “Family of Two” by CamOp Fawn OTHER NOTABLE CAMOP PHOTOS 

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This Week on Explore: Happy 2018!

Happy New Year! What a year we have had! Here’s a review of what’s happened, with some sneak peeks of what we’ve been doing in 2017 to bring you more great cams in 2018. We want to thank you for your continued support and look forward to a whole new year of adventures! Cheers!

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