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Snapshot by CamOp Spish

This Week on Explore (3/30)

What a week for the falcons! Boh and Barb have welcomed four eggs to their nest! Make sure to watch here! The Anacapa Falcons have welcomed their third egg! The Great Spirit Bluff Falcons have welcomed their first egg just this morning! In other bird news, Tom and Audrey Osprey have made their return to

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This Week on Explore (3/23)

What a week! We have the first hatch on the West End Bald Eagle cam! Hatch occurred on March 20th around 12:35am. We have three successful hatches from the Sauces Bald Eagle nest! Eaglet number three was welcomed on March 16th. The Peregrine Falcon family has laid two eggs this week on the Chesapeake Conservancy

African Leopard (Panthera pardus pardus) - Photo Credit: Rob Pringle

Living with Leopards

Occasionally, a leopard will patrol the edges of Mpala’s hippo pool, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. Their easily identifiable spots give the leopard top-notch camouflage abilities in the sun-dappled shadows of forests and the bush. With rosette spots for camouflage, stealth and agile movements, leopards are among the most successful of the African predators. Although leopard populations are extremely

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This Week on Explore (3/16)

What an egg-cellent week! We have two eaglets on the Sauces Bald Eagle nest! We are just waiting for you number three… Have an Apple device? We have a new app to allow you to watch explore.org on the go! Download here! It’s a hippo party on the Africa Watering Hole cam! Come join us!

luna hummingbird blog

This Week on Explore (3/2)

March Madness has begun! No, we aren’t talking about college basketball but rather the egg-cellent amount of eggs ready to hatch at any moment! Decorah Eagles now has THREE eggs! Sadly, the Hummingbird nest suffered some tragedies this week. Comet the chick passes away and Star has been removed and moved to a rehab center.

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