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This Week on Explore (11/6)

Happy December! As we head into yet another busy holiday season, we are here to help remind you to take a minute to reconnect with nature. As part of our core mission, we aim to be the antidote to stress. In our latest video, join Charlie Annenberg Weingarten as he explores the power of nature and

One of Charlie's July Picks: CamOp Kwaahu

CamOp Photo Winners: June – September 2019

As we near towards the end of the year, let’s revisit some warmer times as we highlight the incredible CamOp Photo Winners of June to September! JUNE First Place: Runner Up:  Honorable Mentions:    JULY – “Charlie’s Picks”  AUGUST First Place Runner Ups SEPTEMBER First Place Runner Ups: Honorable Mentions: Check out all CamOp snapshots

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This Week on Explore (11/22)

Elephants are known for their complex social structures, and they travel in large groups that can include generations of family. It’s no surprise that elephants often come to the aid of family members, old and young, when they need it. This week on one of our Mpala cams in Kenya, family quickly came to the aid of an elephant

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This Week on Explore (11/15)

This week, we celebrated Veteran’s Day by completing a matching fundraiser for Service Dog Project. Within THREE DAYS you raised over $115,000 dollars to help veterans receive service dogs. As we promised, we will match every single dollar with a grand total of $230,000! Thank you to the men, women, and K9s who have fought to

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This Week on Explore (11/8)

Happy Polar Bear Week! In partnership with Polar Bears International, we spent all week learning about polar bear migration, the importance of sea ice, and what we can do to help solve the climate change crisis.  If you watch the polar bear cams, you can still play Polar Bear Cam Bingo and win prizes. Learn more here!

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