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This Week on Explore (8/16)

Earlier this week, Bucky the Puffin successfully fledged the nest! We wish you well on your new adventure! In this week’s Bears of Brooks Falls, meet 775 Lefty! Yesterday, C9 from the Charlo Osprey Nest also successfully fledged its nest. While C9 is out exploring the new world, Charlotte and Charlie can still be seen watching nearby!

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This Week on Explore (8/9)

How do explore.org live camera operators approach the views at various live camera locations? Why do operators show people in frame sometimes, and seem to zoom away from them at top speed on other cameras?  Head of camera operations Katharine Green explores the nuances of operating nature and animal cameras in areas where humans are present. Read more here! Tomorrow is World

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CamOp Snapshot Winners: March - May 2019

On explore.org there is never a dull moment. Check out the CamOp Snapshot Winners who captured the most incredible moments from the past few months! March 2019 April 2019 May 2019 Congratulations to all the winners!

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This Week on Explore (8/2)

This week at Service Dog Project we witnessed not one but TWO great dane births! Both Gabby and Sizzle have welcomed healthy litters of future service dogs. Check them out now! In this week’s Bears of Brooks Falls, meet 503: Summer is heating up so come cool off with us with a refreshing dip on our

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This Week on Explore (7/26)

With heavy hearts, we say good-bye to Dion, the osprey chick taken from us too quickly by an owl, despite measures put in place by Hog Island staff to prevent a nest theft. For additional information and updates on this nest from your resident moderator Poppy, please visit the Audubon osprey chat board. On this week’s

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