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This Week on Explore (6/15)

Charlie and Charlotte have welcomed three new chicks to their nest! Welcome to the world, little ones! All of the Sauces Eaglets have successfully fledged! Miss them? Don’t worry, they still pop by the nest every now and then! Warrior Canine Connection has welcomed a new litter! Mike Fitz has finally arrived at Katmai National Park!

Meet Norah and Katitu born in the Amboseli, in Kenya  Photo courtesy KWS

Baby Elephant Twins Born in Kenya!

It is a rare occurrence in nature when an elephant gives birth to twins. Up until a few weeks ago, the last recorded elephant twin birth in Kenya happened 38 years ago! The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) made an exciting announcement at the end of May. “Now we have another set of twins! Paru, a matriarch

Snapshot by CamOp Christine

This Week on Explore (6/8)

Rachel and Steve have welcomed three new osprey to their nest! Have you been watching the Panda Cam? It is jam-packed with cuteness! The Guillemots are back and with two newly laid eggs! Last week we announced that Mike Fitz will be joining us for the upcoming Bear Cam Season! Watch the live chat here: The Anacapa

Lion King. Photo Credit: Stefan Ekernas

The Roar of Mpala’s Lions

The unmistakeable roar of a lion can be heard on most mornings at the Mpala Research Centre, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. Both male and female lions roar, a sound that can be heard from five miles (8 km) away. With the recent rains and an abundance of prey, daily lion sightings have

Snapshot by BeckyTodd

This Week on Explore (6/1)

We’ve had quite the week on the Sauces Bald Eagle Cam! First, Corsair had an accidental fledge when his sibling, HP, pushed him off the nest. Have no fear, Corsair quickly climbed his way back to the nest.   Shortly after Corsair and 19A have fledged the nest, enjoying their wings but staying nearby for

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