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Wild dog 2

Q&A: Africa Live Chat with Dedan Ngatia!

Great news! Mpala Live will be hosting a live chat with Dedan Ngatia and will need you to send us questions by Wednesday, April 19th for Ngatia to answer! 

Dedan is a post-graduate student at Karatina University in Kenya with a lifelong passion for conservation/wildlife research and with a deep interest in carnivores and disease ecology.


For his Master’s thesis, he studied the spatial and disease ecology of domestic dogs in Laikipia, Kenya with an aim establishing how use of space and spatial patterns by dogs influence wild-canids conservation where he thinks that dogs pose a big threat in the spreading of diseases to wildlife hence threatening their survival.


Now working as the project manager for Kenya Rangelands Wild dogs and Cheetah Project- he is involved in full-time GPS-tracking of wild dogs to show their movement patterns with a big aim of enabling peaceful co-existence between wild dogs and humans.


Submit your questions here and we will make sure they are answered during this live chat!

Content and photos courtesy of Dedan Ngatia.

  • Eleanor Horres

    Can the dogs be domesticated?

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  • GOInAZ

    Where I live in the United States, Arizona, there have been some recent cases of horses with rabies. Usually it was found in bats and foxes. Are there any reported cases of rabies in zebra?

  • GOInAZ

    I know it’s very unlikely, but if a child was bitten in its sleep by a rabid dog, what would be the symptoms?

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