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bear yawn

Daily Dose of Love: Bulking Bears

Salmon Coma This bear may be yawning on the job, but catching and eating over 30 salmon per day can be exhausting. That Fat Bear Championship gets pretty competitive. Thanks to CamOp BillB for capturing this great Bear Cam moment. Courtney | explore.org


Daily Dose of Love: Puffin Season Wrap Up Chat!

Catch The Puffins Live Before They Leave! Many of Seal Island’s puffin chicks – including our little puffling Conrad –  have fledged! As the rest head out to sea and seabird season comes to a close, Project Puffin researcher Keenan Yakola returns for a wrap up chat tomorrow(Tuesday) at 3pm ET / 12pm PT on the Loafing Ledge Cam. Find out


Daily Dose of Love: How To Pop The Comments!

Poppin’ Comments This Weekend! Explore rolled out our new website design this week and packed it with a lot of awesome features! Now you can pop out the comments section into a new window and move them around anywhere on your screen, so you can stay in touch with the explore community while watching your

SDP Bitey Face DD

Daily Dose of Love: Too Sweet To Not Eat!

Sweetness Overload! Ever heard the expression, “you’re so cute I just wanna eat ya”? In my head, these two sweet Service Dog Project puppies just can’t get enough of each other. I mean, can you blame them? Watch more puppy shenanigans every day on our Service Dog Puppy Cam! Moment by CamOp GeorgiaGolden Dara | explore.org


Daily Dose of Love: Sparring Subadults!

Why do bear cubs play-fight? We see brown bear cubs and subadults play-fight or spar on the Katmai live cams all the time. While this behavior isn’t totally understood in animals it may be a way for young bears to practice fighting for dominance when they reach adulthood. It could also be a way to

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