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Daily Dose of Love: Rubbing Beach Surprise!

Two For One! Here at Explore, we are always looking for a great bargain and man did we get one on the Underwater Rubbing Beach Live Cam! We are normally on the lookout for passing orcas, but this time we caught not one but TWO otters swimming by. One even came to say hello! Seems like

Daily Dose Of Love: Elephant Itch Relief!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Scratch That Itch Explore recently traveled to Tanzania on a fact-finding mission. What we found was an itchy, itchy elephant. Ever-resourceful animals, this guy wriggles his rear-end for some sweet relief. You know what they say, scratch like no one’s watching! Rick | explore.org  

Daily Dose Of Love: Brown Bears Take It Outside

Bears Got Beef Over Salmon Last week we talked a little about sparring between bear cubs. One reason young bears playfight is to prepare them for big league brawls like this. Adult bears fight primarily for the best fishing spots and access to other resources. Bears are armed with tremendous strength, large claws, and teeth and

Daily Dose of Love: Root Bear Float

We All Float On! The best kind of treat after a long hot day is a casual float in Brooks Falls. One, two, three backstrokes into relaxation. This bear knew that even after a long day of fishing that it is important to sit back, relax, and enjoy the jacuzzi! Make sure to tune in every day

Daily Dose of Love: Find Your Favorite Live Cams!

Something To Chew On Whether it’s brown bears, puffins, pandas, or whales – our fans have their favorite live cams. Now on explore you can curate and save your own selections of live cams to your profile. That way you can easily access all the natural beauty (and drama!) when you log in. Learn how

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