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OrcaLab Live Chat: Orca Families (8/15)

You may have read the heartbreaking CNN story this weekend of a mother orca unable to let go of her dead calf. It’s a reminder of how close of a bond familial groups are in orca populations. Joining us to expand on orca families are OrcaLab founders Paul Spong and Helena Symonds in a live

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This Week on Explore (8/10)

It’s a Round Island first! A “Lady Walrus” has been spotted at the popular sea lion haulout! Read about it here! The Guillemot chick has fledged! Goodbye little one, we wish you the best on your upcoming journey! Speaking of fledging…one of the Charlo Osprey chicks fledged TODAY! 435 Holly’s yearling called “dibs” on a

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Round Island’s first “Lady Walrus”

By Margaret Archibald It can be difficult to see something you aren’t expecting to see. Especially if you have never seen it before. On May 18, 2018, Walrus Island State Game Sanctuary manager Ryan M got back to our research cabin from the Steller sea lion viewpoints at the south end of Round Island and

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What Makes a Walrus a “Keystone” Species?

By Margaret Archibald The term “keystone species” describes a species whose role in its ecosystem is significant because it essentially shapes the habitat that the whole biotic community it lives in depends on. The classic example of a keystone species is of course the North American beaver, whose dam building is the architecture and infrastructure that

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This Week on Explore (8/3)

After a tough season on the Hog Island Osprey Nest, Summer or “EM” has fledged the nest! Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Chris Lowe, Director of CSULB Shark Lab! We learned more about his mission to help educate the public about sharks and learned about what his favorite shark is! Watch here:

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