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Gyrfalcon seen on the Northern Lights Cam

Rare and Beautiful Gyrfalcon Gets its Own Live Chat with Expert Kurt Burnham

A rare and ghostly Gyrfalcon has made several appearances this season on explore’s Northern Lights Cam, presiding over the stark Manitoba tundra and awing thousands of viewers all over the world.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox / NaturalExposures.com

Visit our Pearls of the Planet Live Cam Experience

You’re invited to experience our “Pearls of the Planet” live cam series like never before! Explore.org and The Annenberg Space for Photography have created a state-of-the-art exhibit at Skylight Studios where guests step inside immersive booths and surround themselves with the sights and sounds of our nature cams.

Santa Monica sunset

Unwind with a Santa Monica Sunset Soundscape

Welcome to our Live Cam Soundscape series, a new Zen Den experience where scenic meets sonic. Since some of explore’s live cams don’t broadcast audio, we’re experimenting, enhancing the visual by adding layers of original music and sounds over the silent, serene scenery. Our latest is a highlight from a recent sunset over the Santa

Redwood Forest

Find zen in our new redwood soundscape

Welcome to our latest experiment in relaxation, Zen Den live cams enhanced by original musical and sonic compositions. Since these selected cams don’t normally have audio, we’re laying down these soundscapes to take you to new places of meditation. Take a look below at a short highlight from the Redwood River Cam.

The reddish hue of a lunar eclipse

Watch the Supermoon Eclipse Live on Explore

Get ready for the eclipse of the supermoon! This Sunday evening, the United States and much of the world will see skies graced by a bright, big moon that will then be cloaked in a total lunar eclipse. And you can watch the event live on explore!

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