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I Was Not Prepared

By Mike Fitz I was not prepared for what I saw. I know people say that about total solar eclipses. I interviewed a NASA scientist who explained as much. Even though I never doubted their sincerity, people who have experienced total solar eclipses say it so much—“I wasn’t prepared”—that you wonder whether the sentiment is

Fat Bear Campaign Poster Winners – 2023

by Elizabeth Cason – This is the underdog we all need. 2. By Hannah Bishop – We’ve all heard of the Lord of the Rings, but the Lord of the Falls is far superior in my book! 3. Sara Curtis – May the fattest win. 4. I love you, Otis! – Claire, age 10 5.

Does Otis the bear inspire support for conservation?

By Mike Fitz If you watch any of the wildlife or animal-themed cams on explore.org, then you know that they provide an exceptional lens through which we can view the lives of individual animals. The gorilla Pinga’s leadership and maternal devotion allowed her blended family group at GRACE to heal from trauma. The California condor

Comment System Survey Results

by Candice Rusch, Director of New Media at explore.org Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and gave us feedback about what you want to see in a new comment system. In this blog post, I’ll lay out our goals and analyze the results. Before we begin, I want to offer two caveats.

Siblicide: An Inextricable Behavior in Birds?

by Mike Fitz Watching unfiltered footage of wild animals on explore.org means that we’ll inevitably witness nature’s harsh realities. Bears strip the skin off of living salmon. Lions subdue zebras. A python snares an unsuspecting bird from its perch. Falcons fight for nesting territories. Ravens pillage an unoccupied eagle nest. Although these events can be

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