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A Big Thank You From Mpala Live! — Home of African Wildlife

For scientists, Mpala is a living laboratory. For students, it is a classroom where lessons are alive. For animal lovers and conservationists, it is a safe haven for endangered and threatened animals including the African Elephant, Grevy’s zebra and reticulated giraffes. Through the technology in place, on the ground at Mpala and on explore.org, we all experience a personalized presence of the animals in our daily lives. We see and hear snorting antelopes, buzzing bees, roaring lions, chirping birds, laughing hyenas, and the ever fresh grunt of a hippo in the pool.

Our online community continues to play a big role in the mission to create awareness and educate the masses on the need for conservation of wildlife, ecosystems and the environment.

In the past, live cam viewers and operators have reported seeing animals in distress at the hippo pool. On one occasion, a 30-year-old male elephant was seen on camera and appeared to have a painful limp. Mpala’s security acting on this tip-off from camera operators alerted the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) vet doctor. We are pleased to inform you that almost one year later, the elephant is safe and in good health.
The animals at Mpala as seen on explore.org  tell the story of a unique place. Beyond the safety of Mpala’s 48,000 acres, these animals face unimaginable dangers and increased threats including habitat degradation and increased human activity.

As we continue to keep an eye on these beautiful animals, we can only thank the Explore online community, camera operators, technicians, engineers and friends of nature. Let us spare a moment and thought to honour all the brave and selfless individuals who daily work to protect our fellow beings on our planet.

V.Kasii @mpalalive