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OFSDS Weekly Update (8/10)

Relatively quiet week.  Contractor working/or getting ready to work on a few small projects. Our volunteers continue to LOVE our new washer and dryer ! Dog Updates Peanut spent a pleasant week in Reception. He will be staying there for the time being. Ponce also had a quiet week.  He’s mastering the art of sleeping.

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This Week on Explore (8/10)

It’s a Round Island first! A “Lady Walrus” has been spotted at the popular sea lion haulout! Read about it here! The Guillemot chick has fledged! Goodbye little one, we wish you the best on your upcoming journey! Speaking of fledging…one of the Charlo Osprey chicks fledged TODAY! 435 Holly’s yearling called “dibs” on a

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Meet ECAD’s Newest Litter!

We are pleased to welcome a beautiful new litter to the ECAD family! The mother, Maya, has given birth to 3 puppies who will go on to be future service dogs! This is Maya’s third and final litter as she has successful given birth to 19 puppies over the years. Their father, Gipper, is ECAS’s

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OFSDS Weekly Update (8/3)

Our new commercial washer and dryer are operational.  My goodness….what a change in volunteer life at OFSDS.  The question is no longer “where do we put all of the filthy laundry” but is now “where can we find places to put all of the clean laundry”.  Guess that’s a very good change. No more big

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This Week on Explore (8/3)

After a tough season on the Hog Island Osprey Nest, Summer or “EM” has fledged the nest! Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Chris Lowe, Director of CSULB Shark Lab! We learned more about his mission to help educate the public about sharks and learned about what his favorite shark is! Watch here:

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