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Unlikely Face-Off: Warthog vs. African Fish Eagle

An exciting and unlikely sighting of a warthog and an African fish eagle battling it out marked the onset of the “short rains” —the season extending from October to December, here at Mpala, the home of African wildlife on Explore. A juvenile African fish eagle could be seen defending the catch of the day when a warthog sought to

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All year round, viewers on Explore.org are treated to sights and sounds of at least 300 bird species on Mpala the home of African Wildlife. It may be the sights and sounds of the hornbill, defined by a long-curved, often brightly coloured bill or a chorus of the noisy turaco running through tree canopies mixed

You can lose your mind

You can lose your mind, When cousins are two of a kind! Anyone remember the Patty Duke Show? Well don’t let this African Fish Eagle fool you, he’s not his Bald cousin. “Unique to North America, Bald Eagles live in coastal and lake areas from Baja California and Florida north to Newfoundland and Alaska. …