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What’s Your Favorite Ocean Cam?

Today is World Oceans Day! We’re celebrating their beauty, power, and majesty, recognizing that oceans are the lifeblood of the planet.

turtle bay, hawaii

Let’s Go to Turtle Bay

Go for the sunsets, stay for the sunrise. The Turtle Bay East Live Cam gives us some of the brightest and serene moments to warm you up and calm you down.


Underwater Birds: Parrot Fish

You might think the parrotfish was named for its bright colors resembling its feathered namesake, but the clue is actually on the tip of the nose.

parrot fish cayman reef

Here’s Your Reasons to Watch the Cayman Reef Cam

BeckyT-GA asks, “Do you need a reason to watch the Cayman Reef Cam? These snapshots will give you a reason! Need more? Reductions in blood pressure, stress, and anxiety are just a few. The benefits of the web cam? LOW MAINTENANCE!” Still need more reasons?? OK.


Sandtigers’ Biggest Battle is In the Womb

“Shy” and “docile,” That’s how Nate Jaros of The Aquarium of the Pacific describes sand tiger sharks. The story is different, though, when these species are in the womb.

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