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Sergeant Major Fish Cayman Reef

Salute the Sergeant Major

Cayman Reef Cam viewer meryl captured this photo of a sergeant major showing off his stripes. Find out how this little fish got such a high rank and why it likes to boss other fish around.

walrus naps on a submarine

Walrus Wakes from Saturday Night atop Submarine

We hope you had a fun (and responsible) weekend, because when you take it too far you may end up like this walrus. Some of the world’s most unusual snoozers, walruses can sleep on land or in water, slumbering on the surface of the ocean, on the seabed, or even using their tusks to hang

parrot fish cayman reef

Here’s Your Reasons to Watch the Cayman Reef Cam

BeckyT-GA asks, “Do you need a reason to watch the Cayman Reef Cam? These snapshots will give you a reason! Need more? Reductions in blood pressure, stress, and anxiety are just a few. The benefits of the web cam? LOW MAINTENANCE!” Still need more reasons?? OK.

Let’s Talk About Sex

The Sex Change Exhibit and Live Cam at the Aquarium of the Pacific got its name from the amazing adaptations of its colorful fish from Palau’s coral reefs. 

Shark Lagoon Soundtrack: The Best Songs To Listen To While Watching The Shark Cam

You could spend hours glued to the feed from Aquarium of the Pacific’s Shark Lagoon, watching as a wide variety of sharks and rays swim through the pool. As you get sucked into the daily lives of sand tiger sharks and freshwater sawfish, you’ll need some tunes. 

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