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What’s Your Favorite Ocean Cam?

Today is World Oceans Day! We’re celebrating their beauty, power, and majesty, recognizing that oceans are the lifeblood of the planet.

Not Just Puffins on the Loafing Ledge Cam

Ruddy Turnstones are spotted on the Puffin Loafing Ledge cam. As their name suggests, these small shore birds flip and turn stones, algae, sticks, and other items to find food underneath. Photo Capture by Danielle Smith

Project Puffin News From Outer Green Island

Outer Green Island researchers enjoy some ocean time out on the rowboat.

An Unexpected Visitor

Project Puffin: News from Seal Island The Puffin Burrow cam recently had an unexpected visitor. A tern chick dropped by and had a look around the burrow while Hope was hiding in the corner to the right of the screen. Enjoy! http://explore.org/#!/videos/player/puffin-hopes-visitor

Project Puffin: News from Stratton Island

These incredible pictures of the sunset were taken by one of the Project Puffin bird researchers at Stratton Island. Photo Courtesy of:  Olivia DaRugna

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