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Underwater Birds: Parrot Fish

You might think the parrotfish was named for its bright colors resembling its feathered namesake, but the clue is actually on the tip of the nose.

parrot fish cayman reef

Here’s Your Reasons to Watch the Cayman Reef Cam

BeckyT-GA asks, “Do you need a reason to watch the Cayman Reef Cam? These snapshots will give you a reason! Need more? Reductions in blood pressure, stress, and anxiety are just a few. The benefits of the web cam? LOW MAINTENANCE!” Still need more reasons?? OK.

Parrot Fish

  Parrot Fish This bird-fish has a lot in common with the bird-bird.  Coming in green, blue, yellow, red, orange, and pink, “it is more than just the colors that cause them to be similar to the design of a Parrot. They also have rows of tiny teeth and a face that is similar to the