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Catch a Wave Snapshot Contest!

If there’s such thing as the perfect wave, you can find it along the North Shore of Oahu. And now winter storms in the Pacific Ocean are creating the biggest waves of the year for Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, making for intense surfing competitions like “The Eddie” in memory of legendary lifeguard of Waimea, Eddie Aikau.

turtle bay, hawaii

Let’s Go to Turtle Bay

Go for the sunsets, stay for the sunrise. The Turtle Bay East Live Cam gives us some of the brightest and serene moments to warm you up and calm you down.

Five Best Sunset/Sunrise Snapshots from Live Cams

From Turtle Bay, Hawaii to the grasslands on the Bison Live Cam, we have amazing and serene snapshots from viewers! Thank you thank you!  A little pink, purple and blue hues to ease us into Monday morning. Katmai Sunset on the BearCam, from NoRdsScholr Alaskan Sunrise, from Suefish Beautiful Sunset at Churchill on the Beluga Whales Cam, from riverrock

We Have Sight, We Have Sound

Sit back and relax to the sounds and images of the Hawaiian shore. On the Turtle Bay East Cam you can catch a gorgeous sunrise (now rising at 8:45 AM Pacific Time and 11:45 AM Eastern Time). You may even catch a glimpse of the endangered Monk Seal that calls these islands home. “The monk

Sunrise at Turtle Bay East

This photo snapshot was captured by explore.org fan, Tinman39-RI. You can see more fan snapshots on the community page here. Did You Know? Now is the time to see a sunrise! “The best time to see amazing sunrises and sunsets is typically in the fall and winter months in the mid-latitudes… In the morning and evening hours, sunlight has

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