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turtle bay, hawaii

Pink Sunset in Turtle Bay, captures by shellseeker

Let’s Go to Turtle Bay

Go for the sunsets, stay for the sunrise. The Turtle Bay East Live Cam gives us some of the brightest and serene moments to warm you up and calm you down.

The pristine coastline of Turtle Bay is on the northern tip of Oahu, home to the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. Learn more about the monk seal in this short video

Did You Know? “The history of Turtle Bay dates back to 1639 when the Dutch governor gave two Englishmen a land grant of forty acres, crossed by a creek that emptied into a bay of the East River. Some historians attribute the name to the turtle-filled creek, while others say it had nothing to do with turtles, that the name was more likely a corruption of the Dutch word ‘deutal’ (a bent blade), which referred to the shape of the bay. Regardless, the turtle feasts of the day prevailed and so did the name,” (Turtle Bay Assoc.).

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