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Cayman Scrawled Filefish

Coral Reef is THE Spot for Sea Creatures in the Know

Tiny tentacled polyps called corals secrete calcium carbonate, which hardens to give the creatures a skeleton. The exoskeletons of millions of the individual polyps fused together provide the backbone of a whole underwater ecosystem for 25% of the sea’s creatures, the coral reef.


Southern Stingray: Caught on Camera

Stingrays are occasional passers-by on the Cayman Reef Cam. This one gave us a great view!

Trumpetfish toot their own horns in the coral reef concert

Some animals like to toot their own horn and make a statement. Others just want to hide from their predators! Trumpetfish? They do a little of both.


Squirrelfish – The reef fish you want on your hide-and-seek team

If you’ve ever dove on a coral reef – or watched the Cayman Reef Live Cam here on explore.org, you may have seen a red and white fish with massive eyes hanging out close to the shelter of a big coral head or under a ledge… 


Underwater Birds: Parrot Fish

You might think the parrotfish was named for its bright colors resembling its feathered namesake, but the clue is actually on the tip of the nose.

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