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Daily Dose of Love: How To Fish Brooks Falls

How Brown Bears Fish The Falls The Falls on Brooks River are a physical barrier to the countless salmon trying to swim upstream to spawn each summer. So if you’re a hungry bear, you should gather there to catch lunch (and breakfast. And dinner.) The sheer number of jumpers might confuse you so try to

Keep Jumping Salmon, You Can Do It

By: Mike Fitz Motivated by an overwhelming genetic urge to reproduce, hundreds of thousands of salmon overcome Brooks Falls to reach their spawning site. On bear cam, while we watch their repeated leaps, salmon demonstrate great determination and persistence. To reach their spawning grounds, they’ll try, try, and try some more. On the underwater cam,

Daily Dose of Love: Summer School of Fish!

The Atlantic Blue Tang Clan School’s never fin-ished on explore’s Cayman Reef Cam, where you can get a reel education (I’m very sorry for these terrible jokes). So why do fish swim together, or “school”? Many reasons! There’s safety in numbers – it’s harder for a predator to single out a fish if it’s surrounded

Daily Dose of Love: A Kiss From Fish Lips!

Blue Cavern Close Up! Mwuah! That’s a kiss from fish lips. Our live cam partner Aquarium of the Pacific has three adult giant sea bass and recently hatched a larva there that’s doing well. The Aquarium’s work to reproduce this species is important because giant sea bass are listed as Critically Endangered on the International

CamOp Photo Winners of February!

Once again, these cam ops have blown us away with amazing snapshots from the live cams! We are so lucky to have such dedicated volunteers not only operate the cameras but also take these beautiful photos to share with the community. Please see February’s photo winners below! First Place:  Meet Seth by CamOp Holly Runner

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