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CamOp Photo Winners of February!

Once again, these cam ops have blown us away with amazing snapshots from the live cams! We are so lucky to have such dedicated volunteers not only operate the cameras but also take these beautiful photos to share with the community. Please see February’s photo winners below! First Place:  Meet Seth by CamOp Holly Runner

Rangers David Kopshever and Daniel Lombardi

Chat with the new Rangers of Katmai Bear Season!

Brown Bear season is gearing up in Alaska’s Katmai National Park! The live cams are back on and we’ve seen a few bears start fishing Brooks Falls. It’s the perfect time to introduce you to the Katmai Rangers who’ll be our guides to the summer of bear cams. Rangers Daniel Lombardi and David Kopshever join

Giant kelp can grow to 200 feet!

Swim Among Giant Kelp Forests On A New Underwater Live Cam

Explore and the National Park Service bring you new, spectacular live views of one of the richest marine environments in the world, home to nearly one thousand different plant and animal species. the Anacapa Ocean Live Cam takes you a virtual tour underwater among the giant kelp forests off Southern California’s Anacapa Island, where sea

Redwood Forest

Find zen in our new redwood soundscape

Welcome to our latest experiment in relaxation, Zen Den live cams enhanced by original musical and sonic compositions. Since these selected cams don’t normally have audio, we’re laying down these soundscapes to take you to new places of meditation. Take a look below at a short highlight from the Redwood River Cam.


Chill out with new explore cam soundscapes

At explore we like to change things up, add new features, and try out exciting ideas. Our latest experiment is a series of Zen Den live cams set to original compositions by talented artists. Since these selected cams don’t normally have audio, we felt soundscapes would enhance your chill out. Take a look below at

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