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Puffins enjoy the sea-breeze on the loafing ledge.

Puffins enjoy the sea-breeze on the loafing ledge.

What’s Your Favorite Ocean Cam?

Today is World Oceans Day! We’re celebrating their beauty, power, and majesty, recognizing that oceans are the lifeblood of the planet.

Explore’s live cams transport us there. Waves crash, whales breach, walruses beach, and bright orange garibaldis swim through towering kelp forests. These are a few of my faves:

  • Atlantic Puffins relax in the sea-breeze off the rocky shores of Seal Island. They’re just cute.
  • Before the Walrus Cam I’d never seen the sight of hundreds of walrus dudes summering on the beaches of Round Island, Alaska. Stick around for flipper fights.
  • The Pacific Ocean is a beautiful film shot by the explore team. The scenes of massive waves crashing leave me breathless. You might like the whales.

What are your favorite ocean live cams? We wanna see your snapshots in the comments of the cams! Or share them with us at social@explore.org

Never stop learning,

Rick (Live Cam Lover & Sharer) | Explore

The Pacific Ocean

  • Doreen Mann

    My favorite is the puffins sites like the Berm where you can see the puffins and the birds especially when the birds fly over and the puffins run to their burrows.

  • SaFr

    I can never see too many sunrises and sunsets via the Santa Monica beach cam.

  • Diem

    I love the Walrus Cam!

  • Kathleen Haase

    Definitely the OrcaLab cam! I mean how often to you get to see common dolphins, humpbacks, orcas, sea birds and sea lions all in the same camera? And if that’s not enough, you also see humpbacks flipper smacking the water in a glorious scenery during fiery sunsets!

  • mosaic_world

    it depends on the season. (I cannot say or the other cams would get jealous!)

  • Ann

    The wild waves in the pacific are the best

  • Nathan Edelson

    It’s very high quality photography however in my opinion the cuts are too fast — it’s the pace of a pepsi ad, not a soothing nature video.
    I hope the videographer could well make a whole series of longer fixed-view scenes out of his collection of out-takes which would be a whole lot more satisfying than this version.