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Daily Dose of Love: Live Chats – Orcas, Owls, and Ospreys!

Orcas, Owls, And Ospreys! Explore is ending this wonderful week with two new live chats Friday! Joining us for the opening of orca season are OrcaLab founders Paul Spong and Helena Symonds. Their decades studying the orcas’ vocal recordings offer a unique perspective on these wild whales. The chat will be on theĀ OrcaLab cam at


OrcaLab Live Chat 8/11

It’s Orca Season! To celebrate, we are hosting a live chat with OrcaLab’s Paul Spong and Helena Symonds on Friday, August 11th, at 12 PM PT/ 3 pm ET! Learn all about orcas and what makes them such interesting and diverse sea animals. Want to know something specific? Make sure to submit your questions for

Puffins enjoy the sea-breeze on the loafing ledge.

What’s Your Favorite Ocean Cam?

Today is World Oceans Day! We’re celebrating their beauty, power, and majesty, recognizing that oceans are the lifeblood of the planet.

OrcaLab founders Paul Spong and Helena Symonds

Join an All-New Live Chat with OrcaLab

Join us Friday, October 2nd at 11am PT on the OrcaLab Base Cam to chat with OrcaLab founders Paul Spong and Helena Symonds.

Orca whales were recently granted new protections

Orcas given protections from Navy sonar testing

For years, the U.S. Navy in its training activities has unintentionally harmed whales and other marine mammals off the coasts of Southern California and Hawaii. A federal court ruled that the Navy’s high intensity sonar tests and underwater detonations have caused millions of cases of permanent hearing loss, injuries, behavioral disruptions, and more than 150

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