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Catch a Wave Snapshot Contest!

If there’s such thing as the perfect wave, you can find it along the North Shore of Oahu. And now winter storms in the Pacific Ocean are creating the biggest waves of the year for Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, making for intense surfing competitions like “The Eddie” in memory of legendary lifeguard of Waimea, Eddie Aikau.

turtle bay, hawaii

Let’s Go to Turtle Bay

Go for the sunsets, stay for the sunrise. The Turtle Bay East Live Cam gives us some of the brightest and serene moments to warm you up and calm you down.

Catch a California Sunset

On the Santa Monica Sunset Live Cam, you can catch the pink hues of sunset and the early morning surf off the famous Santa Monica Pier. 

This Is What Serene Looks Like

The waters were rough around Hawaii’s North Shore in Oahu, but it looks like things in this area are back to normal. Of course normal in Pipeline can be quite harrowing! 

Summer Sun

It might only be May but the sun is ready for summer. If you need to cool down, why not visit Hawaii? Today on the Pipeline Live Cam – one of several Hawaii features you can find here – it’s a cool 66*. The surf report is 3-4 feet and the water is an easy 77*.

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