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Underwater Birds: Parrot Fish

You might think the parrotfish was named for its bright colors resembling its feathered namesake, but the clue is actually on the tip of the nose.

Manta birostris-Thailand

Activate Your Manta Rays!

This super power could give you the ability to fly through water, grow to 25 feet long (wingtip to wingtip) and leap from the water in a single bound!

colorful fish

This Is How the Fish Got Its Colors

Some wonder how the zebra got its stripes. We wonder how the fish got its colors.

tropical reef fish

Top 5 Tropical Reef Photos Of The Week

Over at the Aquarium Of The Pacific, in the Wrasse and Anthias tank the colorful fish are beautiful. There is a fish for every color of the rainbow. Take a look at the live cam to see inside the gorgeous aquarium. Here are the five best photos of the week. Wrasse and Anthias Aquarium Live

parrot fish cayman reef

Here’s Your Reasons to Watch the Cayman Reef Cam

BeckyT-GA asks, “Do you need a reason to watch the Cayman Reef Cam? These snapshots will give you a reason! Need more? Reductions in blood pressure, stress, and anxiety are just a few. The benefits of the web cam? LOW MAINTENANCE!” Still need more reasons?? OK.

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