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Dolphins Smartest Animals After Humans

When explore.org visited the dolphin research center in the Bahamas, we saw first hand not only the majestic nature of dolphins, but their mind-blowing intelligence. From Discovery: When human measures for intelligence are applied to other species, dolphins are second only toHomo sapiens in brainpower, according to Lori Marino, a senior lecturer in neuroscience and behavioral

Underwater Springtime

Unlike whales, most dolphins do not make long migrations for mating or otherwise. These mammals are partial to warmer waters year-round. Some dolphins will migrate due to seasonal changes, but they usually don’t travel nearly as far as some whale species.Unlike whales that have a mating season and feeding season, many species of dolphin can bear offspring year-long, although it is more likely

Seafood Tips from NRDC

nrdc: Looking for a way to help save whales and other marine mammals? Shop local! Check out this easy guide to ordering safely caught seafood from our partners at the National Resources Defense Council. http://bit.ly/19TMPZQ  

Survival at Sea: Dolphins

Dolphins have little problem with high tides and big waves as they are frequently seen playing and surfing the breaks. Here they crash the world famous Rincon Classic surf contest in California and outperform the professionals. Explore the Bahamas and see the Atlantic spotted dolphin in its natural habitat in this “still story.”

A Dolphin by Another Name – Wouldn’t Be the Right Dolphin!

In an amazing discovery, scientists have found that dolphins make-up their own, individual names. They say and use their names to call and identify one another. Now scientists “are wondering, what else are they saying?” (NYTimes). All things dolphin at explore.org.

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