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Underwater Springtime

Unlike whales, most dolphins do not make long migrations for mating or otherwise. These mammals are partial to warmer waters year-round. Some dolphins will migrate due to seasonal changes, but they usually don’t travel nearly as far as some whale species.Unlike whales that have a mating season and feeding season, many species of dolphin can bear offspring year-long, although it is more likely

December Means Seals!

Believe it or not, it’s December and the start of the gray seal breeding season. Seal Island, Maine is cold and windy with rough waters… just what our gray seals like! You can see them already on the live cam, sunning themselves on the rocky shores. The cam is being test and will go fully

Home Sweet Home!

After a winter in South America, our happy osprey pair, Rachel and Steve (named after Rachel Carson, and Dr. Stephen Kress) have found their way back home to the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine’s Muscongus Bay! Rachel’s distinct markings on the back of her head are shown in this photo collage. We’ll be keep

Balancing Act!

Didn’t know that terns enjoy perching on one another, did you? After their summertime copulation, male terns will often stand on the back of their mate for minutes at a time. Terns on Stratton Island seem particularly prone to this perching behavior. Photo Courtesy of Stella Walsh