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Fool Me Once… He’ll Try Again!

From National Geographic, we learned of the fascinating Drongo bird. These birds have learned to imitate alarm calls to scare off animals with prey – – and then swoop in to steal it for themselves! And their techniques are evolving… Except when it’s lying. Because sometimes drongos, which are about the size of a scrub

Somersaulting Spider Discovered

From our partners at Discovery: A newly discovered spider has just entered the animal record books by becoming the only known somersaulting spider. The new species, Cebrennus rechenbergi, is described in the latest issue of the journal Zootaxa. It’s a nocturnal spider that lives in the Erg Chebbi desert of southeastern Morocco. The spider can move

Dolphins Smartest Animals After Humans

When explore.org visited the dolphin research center in the Bahamas, we saw first hand not only the majestic nature of dolphins, but their mind-blowing intelligence. From Discovery: When human measures for intelligence are applied to other species, dolphins are second only toHomo sapiens in brainpower, according to Lori Marino, a senior lecturer in neuroscience and behavioral

Rare White Lion Triplets Born

A 2 ½ -year old white lioness named Azira gave birth to rare white lion cubs in triplet. Azira “has been patiently feeding and caring for the cubs that were born Jan. 28” to a zoo in Poland. “Their father, 3 ½-year old Sahim, who is also white, is kept in a neighboring cage.” The cubs

Nature Does it Best… Again

This guy could be the solution for the NFL. Although we cannot play every game in Denver, the winning strategies for defeating the concussion crisis may come from research focused on recreating the safe biomechanics already in use in the animal kingdom… Bighorn sheep ritually ram their heads into each other and woodpeckers slam their

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