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Kissing Cousins: The Hyrax and The Elephant

A guest at Mpala and visitors on Explore.org’s live camera streams will be forgiven for describing hyraxes as over-sized rodents. The fascinating creatures look like adorable fluffy, well-fed rats.  Looking at them, one might guess that they are somewhere between big rats and small-eared rabbits. However, research reveals that hyraxes are not rodents but in fact, are the closest living

Standing Like Statues

Giraffes have perfected the living statue. Val from Mpala answers an African Wildlife Cam viewer’s question on how they got so still. 

Dolphins Smartest Animals After Humans

When explore.org visited the dolphin research center in the Bahamas, we saw first hand not only the majestic nature of dolphins, but their mind-blowing intelligence. From Discovery: When human measures for intelligence are applied to other species, dolphins are second only toHomo sapiens in brainpower, according to Lori Marino, a senior lecturer in neuroscience and behavioral

Big Head – Big Muscles

Bison have a very strong muscle which wraps around a bone in their back forming their hump. This muscle helps them to hold up their massive head and to run quickly (more here). See the bison at the watering hole on the live cam.

Bear Paws & Claw

Polar bear claws are thick and curved, sharp and strong. Each can measure more than two inches (5.1 centimeters) long.  When swimming, forepaws act like large paddles and hind paws serve as rudders. Learn more at Polar Bears International and see Ilke and the twins on the live cam!