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Underwater Springtime

Unlike whales, most dolphins do not make long migrations for mating or otherwise. These mammals are partial to warmer waters year-round. Some dolphins will migrate due to seasonal changes, but they usually don’t travel nearly as far as some whale species.Unlike whales that have a mating season and feeding season, many species of dolphin can bear offspring year-long, although it is more likely

Break Out the Binoculars for the Birds of Spring

There’s no better time to get into birds than spring. The Audubon Society offers these three simple steps to birding: Learn to Bird Get Binoculars Get Outside! Check out articles on making backyard bird feeders and how you can contribute to bird protection. We’re gearing up at explore.org for the return of the Ospreys, Owls and

Spring Color! From the Puffins

Puffins’ colorful beaks brighten as mating season nears. They use them to pick up partners on the Loafing Ledge, giving new meaning to ‘picking up chicks.’ Every spring their beaks and feet turn a colorful orange in preparation for the breeding season.  The beaks and feet of puffins become brightly colored and the beak increases in

The Birds and Bees of Spring – Ospreys

Next month, Ospreys return from equatorial places to build nests and mate for spring in cooler weather. Our favorite Osprey couple, Rachel and Steve, will be returning soon to their nest and our Osprey Live Cam. “Ospreys three years or older usually mate for life, and return to the same nest site year after year. Spring courtship

The Birds and Bees of Spring – Great Horned Owls

In the coming weeks, we expect the return of our Great Horned Owls to the nest in Montana. In early April, you can meet the pair and their forthcoming offspring on the Live Cam here. “Breeding by great horned owls takes place as early as January and may continue on into the spring and summer.

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