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Mammal Mothers Respond to Cries from Mammal Babies

Researchers recently discovered a curious phenomenon. Mammal moms respond to cries of other baby animals, so long as they’re also mammals. Scientific American reported on the findings of Susan Lingle (University of Winnipeg) and Tobias Riede (Midwestern University), who spent two summers testing deer in Canada.

Where Are the Tiny Baby Belugas Being Born?

A third install from Matt Villano looks at the mysterious origins of baby belugas. Scientists suspect that many are being born right in the Hudson Bay estuary where we stream the Beluga Whale Live Cam.

The Macgyver-Like Ways the Beluga Cam Boat Delivers Images to You

Matt Villano from whalehead.com takes us behind the scenes – or under the boat rather – to learn more about capturing the live stream of beluga whales on our Beluga Boat Live Cam. 

Discover the Natural Skin Care Remedies of Belugas

When a BBC Frozen Planet film crew set up a tower to film beluga whales in Arctic waters, they didn’t expect to infringe on their beauty regiments.

Blowing Hot Air!

Did You know – that’s not water? Contrary to what most people think, whales do not actually spray water out of their blowholes. The blowhole is actually a whale’s nose on the top of its head. When inhaling they flex a muscle, which opens the blowhole, and take in a big gulp of air and then

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