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Window into the World of Wild Belugas

“The western Hudson Bay beluga population numbers an estimated 57,300 and makes up approximately 35 percent of the world’s total, currently estimated at more than 160,000 based on population studies conducted since 2000.” In this piece, Matt Villano tries to answer the mystery of why beluga whales choose the Churchill River Estuary:

Meet BJ Kirschhoffer, Beluga Cam Installer

Matt Villano takes us under deck with the cam installers of the Beluga Boat Cam. It sometimes requires a bit of Macgyver-ing and plenty of creativity…

Take Your Chances Underwater: Caption This Beluga Cam!

Three’s a charm and this is your third chance to enter and win a snapshot/caption contest for explore.org prizes! These amazing snapshots from our Beluga Boat Cam come from explore.org fan Polo7422. Can you put some words in those beluga bubbles?  

Where Are the Tiny Baby Belugas Being Born?

A third install from Matt Villano looks at the mysterious origins of baby belugas. Scientists suspect that many are being born right in the Hudson Bay estuary where we stream the Beluga Whale Live Cam.

Survival at Sea: Dolphins

Dolphins have little problem with high tides and big waves as they are frequently seen playing and surfing the breaks. Here they crash the world famous Rincon Classic surf contest in California and outperform the professionals. Explore the Bahamas and see the Atlantic spotted dolphin in its natural habitat in this “still story.”