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Daily Dose Of Love: Bear Cubs Stick Close To Mom!

A Bear Cub’s World Revolves Around Mama There’s nothing like the love between a mother bear and her cubs. Their bond will keep the young ones alive as she nurses them, feeds them salmon, teaches them to fish, and protects them from the world’s dangers – including other bears. For the two and a half

Daily Dose of Love: Sparring Subadults!

Why do bear cubs play-fight? We see brown bear cubs and subadults play-fight or spar on the Katmai live cams all the time. While this behavior isn’t totally understood in animals it may be a way for young bears to practice fighting for dominance when they reach adulthood. It could also be a way to

Daily Dose Of Love: Bear Mom And Cub Dinner Date

Salmon For Two! Sharing is caring! Bear cubs stay with their moms for about 2 and a half years. In that time she’ll teach them how to fish and skin salmon. Them feasting on fish together makes for a great Daily Dose of Love. Watch live every day on our Brown Bear Live Cam! Rick

Another summer with Holly and her cubs?

By Mike Fitz Last week, Brooks River’s most famous bear family—435 Holly, her biological (now 2.5 year-old) female cub, and her adopted (now 3.5 year-old) male cub—were seen for a brief time at Brooks River. Last fall, the future of this family was a target for much speculation. Would 435 keep her cubs for another

Ranger Mike on the Emotion and Resiliency of Bears

Since last night viewers have tuned in to the young cub of mother bear 451 on the Katmai River Watch Cam. We don’t know much yet, but it would appear the cub stumbled and seized, and now has labored breathing, laying on the road side. Mother and sibling have intermittently joined to rest next to

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