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Daily Dose of Love: How To Fish Brooks Falls

How Brown Bears Fish The Falls The Falls on Brooks River are a physical barrier to the countless salmon trying to swim upstream to spawn each summer. So if you’re a hungry bear, you should gather there to catch lunch (and breakfast. And dinner.) The sheer number of jumpers might confuse you so try to


Daily Dose of Love: Salmon Springing Over Brooks Falls!

Summertime Fish Are Jumpin’ Out! Let’s hear it for salmon! The unsung heroes of Katmai National Park, their need to spawn leads them to Brooks Falls where they try to make the jump. The less fortunate ones become fresh fish for brown bears looking for lunch. Watch them live on our Brooks Falls Brown Bear

Snapshot by dreamtoken

Bear Fact: Salmon Consumption

A large and dominant male bear will sometimes catch and eat more than 30 fish per day. Smaller bears that cannot compete for the best fishing spots, or bears that are less skilled at fishing, may catch and eat considerably less fish. Watch brown bears exclusively here!


Send Us Your Favorite Brown Bear Story & Snapshot!

It is almost that time of year again, Brown Bear Season! We are so excited over here at explore and we can’t wait to get these cameras up and running! While we patiently (kinda) wait for the cams to be up, we would love to hear your favorite Katmai Brown Bear Live Cam story! Comment


Daily Dose of Love: How To Be a Brown Bear!

Find Your Salmon Spot Wanna be a brown bear? For starters, you’ve gotta be BIG. Brown bears are some of the largest in the world, and maintain their size by eating up to 30 salmon a day in the summer. So scope out a fishing spot, practice patience, stay hungry, and the freshest catches can

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