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Daily Dose Of Love: Bear Mom And Cub Dinner Date

Salmon For Two! Sharing is caring! Bear cubs stay with their moms for about 2 and a half years. In that time she’ll teach them how to fish and skin salmon. Them feasting on fish together makes for a great Daily Dose of Love. Watch live every day on our Brown Bear Live Cam! Rick


Today in the World: War Fund Drive for WWII POWs

70 years ago today, on November 26, 1944, an announcement was sent out to Americans for the war fund drive. The funds raised by the National War Fund organization were used to support foreign relief agencies as well as the USO.

brown bear at river in snow

Snow Day on the Lower River

Fall is officially here and it might even seem that winter has come to Katmai. Check out this early morning snow scene captured from the Brown Bear Lower River Cam last week. 

brown bear defending her cubs

Holly Defends Her Cubs

Watch Holly in this highlight video captured yesterday morning at 10:15 AM Alaska Time. As a strange bear approaches her cub, she moves into position…

brown bear eating salmon

Lunch with Otis

Hungry? How does sushi sound? Come lunch with Otis in this highlight video from Brooks Falls. 

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