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Daily Dose Of Love: Bear Cubs Stick Close To Mom!

A Bear Cub’s World Revolves Around Mama There’s nothing like the love between a mother bear and her cubs. Their bond will keep the young ones alive as she nurses them, feeds them salmon, teaches them to fish, and protects them from the world’s dangers – including other bears. For the two and a half

Lurch, Brown Bear #814 in Katmai National Park

Get to Know Lurch, Brown Bear #814

If you don’t already know him and love him (or at least respect him), then come meet Lurch and learn how to spot him on the #BearCam. Or better yet, learn how to stay out of his way.

brown bear and cubs enjoying sunrise

Get To Know Beadnose, Brown Bear #409

We have roughly one more glorious month left on the Brown Bear Live Cam. While there’s still time, and if you’re not already an aficionado of the #BearCam, learn a little more about the bears you see and how to identify them. Today we look at Beadnose, or Bear #409.

“Supermom” Holly Becoming a Celebrity

The papers have picked it up. The news of Holly’s adoption may soon be on Page Six. Does this story sound familiar to you Bear Cam viewers? 

Holly and Cubs Spotted Again on #BearCam

Holly, the brown bear from Katmai National Park we’ve been following, has made another appearance on the Brown Bear Live Cam with her new family.

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