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The Teenagers Of The Bear World

By “The Artist Formerly Known as Ranger Mike” Fitz Recently I speculated that 435 Holly and her two cubs might go their separate ways. Since then, park rangers spotted Holly’s adopted cub, 503 Cubadult, wandering alone near the mouth of Brooks River.

Another summer with Holly and her cubs?

By Mike Fitz Last week, Brooks River’s most famous bear family—435 Holly, her biological (now 2.5 year-old) female cub, and her adopted (now 3.5 year-old) male cub—were seen for a brief time at Brooks River. Last fall, the future of this family was a target for much speculation. Would 435 keep her cubs for another

two mother bears squaring off

Protective Mother Bear Showdown (Video)

What started as a dip in the river escalated – very quickly – into a tense standoff on the Katmai #BearCam. Holly and her clan – Beary on the bridge, Magic under it – pass the time in relative peace. These moments of quiet placidity are swiftly shattered as Holly sends young Beary dashing away

brown bear defending her cubs

Holly Defends Her Cubs

Watch Holly in this highlight video captured yesterday morning at 10:15 AM Alaska Time. As a strange bear approaches her cub, she moves into position…

brown bears

Read a Cam Op’s Poem Inspired by Holly Bear

Suzie/CamOpEle was inspired by Holly and her biological cub from the Brown Bear Cam. An accident in taking a snapshot led to an image of the future and this poem by Suzie.

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