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Bear & Angler Update

From Ranger Anela After talking with LE staff and with the platform ranger who was working at the time, the anglers were in the right. The platform staff member yelled out to the anglers, telling them that the bear was in the area. At the time, they could not wade across because of the family


Brown Bear Story: hugabeagle

“One of my favorite moments from last season was this napping bear on the bank of the Brooks River. With food so plentiful at this time of year for this satisfied napper, the moment spawned this inspiration in me – sung to the familiar tune of “Summer Time”. Salmon time… and the livin’ is eeeasy.


Daily Dose of Love: Brown Bears Are Back At Brooks Falls!

First Bears Spotted At The Falls! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Live Brown Bear Cam is back online and we’ve already spotted a family of bears at Brooks Falls! Fans have ID’d the group as Grazer and her cubs, and I’m with them since our bear cam fans know best. Soon, dozens


Brown Bear Story: Larinor

“Another favorite memory is the sweet scene in 2015 of Bear 402 nursing her quadruplets. She had a look of complete contentment and peace on her face at that moment, which contrasted sharply with her frantic fishing at the Falls only minutes before. I was relieved that she was able to lie back and relax


Brown Bear Sightings!

Great news! We just got some amazing news from Katmai National Park & Preserve: Bear #128 “Grazer” and all three of her yearling cubs stopped by for a visit to Brooks River this week. The family group will likely be on the move, looking for food, until the sockeye salmon return on their journey to

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