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A cub lays between mom #451 and sibling

Ranger Mike on the Emotion and Resiliency of Bears

Since last night viewers have tuned in to the young cub of mother bear 451 on the Katmai River Watch Cam. We don’t know much yet, but it would appear the cub stumbled and seized, and now has labored breathing, laying on the road side. Mother and sibling have intermittently joined to rest next to the cub. Katmai’s Ranger Mike Fitz has posted some words in the comments section and in a previous blog post we’d like to share with you.

“Like many of you, Ranger Jeanne, Ranger Roy and I have been watching 451 and her cubs since yesterday. We have no way of knowing at this time what is impairing the cub’s mobility.

“Instead of focusing on possible causes of injury or illness, just for a moment, I’d like to explore the idea behind emotion in animals. Many people in the chat below have commented on 451 and how she appears to be ‘grieving.’ She left the cub several times, only to return. She sits and rests patiently beside it. Is that grief, or is her behavior since yesterday more readily explained by nurturing and maternal instincts?

“Humans evolved emotions long ago, so to me it is logical to conclude that other mammals experience emotion too. After all, we are share a common ancestry. Quantifying those emotions is not really possible though. After all, how would you measure love or anger? We all know what those emotions are, but think about how difficult it is to describe them. Wild mammals, especially intelligent ones like bears, may experience emotion. Again, I think it is logical to conclude some do on some level, but we will probably never know how this affects their behavior. Parental instinct is powerful in bears, like it is in humans.”

What is the policy in these situations? Ranger Mike tells us, “National parks like Katmai protect the beauty of nature and its harsh realities. Park rangers and biologists will not intervene to help an injured animal. ‘Bears injured naturally will not be tranquilized for veterinary care’ (Katmai National Park Bear-Human Conflict Management Plan, 2006).  Injured bears will also not be euthanized unless they pose an imminent threat to human safety. ”

However, and we don’t know the specifics of 451’s cub, bears are very tough and resilient. Ranger Mike provides three great examples of injured bears who faced death but went on to live, perhaps with modifications to body or behavior.

We thank everyone for their kind words during this difficult time, and for sharing this experience with each other, as painful as it is. We, like you, hope for the best.

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  1. Diane northcapemay

    i so love this bear community.

  2. Brian W

    This is a really good way of educating the general public about wildlife and how fragile it is and how we should protect it in this their shrinking world

  3. Linda Graham

    So heartbreaking, hope the little guy will be ok, Hugs to all out there, I can only imagine how hard this must be for everyone. <3

  4. Carolann Driver

    Really should intervene with veterinary assistance, if you can, BECAUSE you CAN. Men shoot and kill bears, not because they should, but because they WANT to, so why can’t the rangers HELP because they want to??????????

    • We know it is hard to watch, but it is not feasible to intervene nor is it safe with the mother bear still protecting the cub. Here’s some additional info that Ranger Jeanne and I collaborated on earlier and posted in the bearcam comments.

      Bears injured naturally will not be tranquilized for veterinary care. In most cases, bears will not be removed to captive facilities. However, this option may be considered in unusual circumstances, for example, cubs left orphaned due to management destruction of the mother (pg. 27 and 28, 2006 Katmai National Park Bear Management Plan). Read the park’s bear management plan at http://www.nps.gov/katm/learn/management/upload/KATMBMP06.pdf.

      This situation does not fit the definition of an unusual circumstance. There are many reasons why the park will not intervene in this instance. Beyond the feasibility and logical challenges, we choose not to interfere in an effort to let natural ecosystem processes function. The National Park Service has what is often referred to as a “dual mandate.” We are tasked with providing for visitor enjoyment while at the same time preserving natural and cultural resources. It is often difficult to balance these two aspects, but preserving unimpaired the natural resources of Katmai necessitates non-interference with natural processes. Death is as much of a part of the bear’s world as life. In a place as remote as Katmai, it’s just not feasible to capture and provide care for injured/sick bears or abandoned cubs.

      The mother is still nearby and we don’t know whether or not the cub will live or die. It could very well survive. At Katmai, we have observed other bears overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. For example, 89 Backpack was once a small, yearling cub with a severe limp. At that time, many people suggested that the park either euthanize or place him in a zoo. If we had done this, he would not have had the opportunity to live the life of a healthy wild bear. 89 is now a healthy adult male who regularly uses Brooks River. This blog post explains that further: http://www.nps.gov/katm/blogs/The-Resilient-Bear.htm.

      • Calaigh

        TY, Ranger Mike, for your thorough-going overview of the situation.

      • Carolann Driver

        Definitely hard to watch the poor thing suffer. Appears to be dying slowly. If it seized, is this due to ingesting some poison, perhaps?

      • ray

        I pop in every now and then to see the bears it helps me calm my bipolar and depression but seeing this is to much please just turn the camera off life is depressing enough

    • Leslie

      It’s nature

  5. Laura

    Have Mamma and sibling left for the last time I wonder ?? Heart is breaking here

  6. Diane

    so sad…. I don’t understand why they can’t help..

  7. Laura

    I understand what Ranger Mike has written below – however – in a world where animals habitat is dwindling and each life is critical to the ecosystem now more than ever – would it not be prudent to intercede and save a life – to thrive hopefully for future generations????

  8. Linda Graham

    I understand it, but its so difficult to watch. This is nature, and what we are watching is exactly what would happen in the wild. All we can do is hope he will be ok, and if he isn’t, that he wont suffer long.

  9. Laura

    Watching mamma try to rouse her baby just about did me in…………

  10. Laura

    Clearly here we can see how she is not willing to give up – her face was drawn and definitely she is upset. To say animals have no emotions is ludicrous!!!! They are amazing in their ability to feel and feel deeply..

  11. Shena

    No sleep for me tonite. I can’t leave them.

  12. emsnyc

    The cub is still breathing as of right now. No way is she gonna leave him. Is it possible he just got into something, ate something he shouldn’t, and that this will pass?

  13. Shena

    If Mama stays away for extended time will officials step in then? Is there any medical help available at the facility>

  14. Chuck N Sarah Carroll

    What happened to the feed?

  15. Linda Graham

    mine is down too

  16. Ann

    Please go in and help this little bear it’s happening in front of you for a reason

  17. There are a few reasons why Katmai’s staff won’t rescue and rehab abandoned, injured, and/or sick cubs. In the post above, I was quoted on one of those reasons, but there are others. To summarize—

    1. Policy: The NPS aims to maintain natural processes in the areas that we manage.
    2. Feasibility: There just aren’t enough zoos or rehab centers to care for all injured and orphaned bears.
    3. Expense: It is very expensive to care for these animals.
    4. Need: Katmai’s bear population is thought to be healthy enough that we do not need to take measures to increase it.
    5. Bears are tough: Most never need our help, even the injured or sick.

    Personally, I think that bears need to be given the chance to live like wild bears. If, for example, we had captured and sent 89 Backpack to a rehab center he’d likely be living his life in captivity instead of the life of a wild bear. If, to cite another example, we would have captured 402’s abandoned cub in 2014 and sent it to a zoo, then it would not have had a chance to get adopted by 435 Holly. We would not have had the opportunity to witness and learn from that rare and unique event. These are fascinating stories that demonstrate bears’ adaptability, resourcefulness, and resiliency. I realize that it can be hard to watch an injured or abandoned cub struggle to survive, but that is part of the bear world. If given a chance, the lucky, strong, and fit bears will survive to pass on their genes to the next generation and Katmai’s bear population will be healthier for it.

    • Jade Bear

      As always, I appreciate you sharing the policies/procedures as well as personal/professional insights. Many thanks, Ranger Mike!

  18. Gail

    I understand what you are saying, Ranger Mike, but please understand that if this cub is on deaths door due to a human then we (humans) should help it. It is no longer a natural part of life! Also, it would seem that a mama bear would move the cub to a more private place rather than on the side of the road. It’s almost as if she is hoping someone will help her baby. This cub needs to be checked on if nothing else to make sure we, humans, aren’t at fault!

  19. rmh16

    I truly do understand the reasons they give for not intervening. Not just with the bear but also the birds I followed over the summer. However, I also know from reading post season reports online that they do intervene in some ways. It’s not realistic to think they can save every injured animal no matter how much it hurts to watch them suffering but, likewise, it is not realistic to say there is absolutely no human intervention or interference. I know they have far more knowledge than me and there are reasons why they do what they do. But I also know that from an outsider’s perspective, it often seems like selective interference. Nature is not cruel but it is harsh. For those that make the care of animals their life’s work, they have a deeper understanding and acceptance of this. For those animal lovers watching this play out, we just want to help and fix it so that no precious animal has to suffer.

  20. Shena

    Bears probably are tough and resilient in nature but if this is human interference that caused this suffering ,it is a humans directive to intervene.

  21. Linda Graham

    Thank you Ranger Mike. As hard as it is to watch, this is the real world for the wild, and though its extremely sad to watch in nature only the strong survive, Appreciate your updates. I just noticed after seemingly checking out the cub and the mom & baby returning once again, but only for a few minutes before turning and walking off. Im wondering if the cub has finally passed, and perhaps she came back one more time to check again. If the cub has passed does it take awhile for the mom to accept it ? Also will it be removed or left where it died ? Thank you

  22. Eileen

    This is to the rangers, if the cub dies do you have a necropsy done?

    • Ranger Jeanne posted a version of this comment on the bearcam chat yesterday: If the cub dies and the body is retrievable, the park may perform a necropsy or send the cub to a lab for analysis. Plans are still being finalized, but resource management staff have been authorized to collect the cub if it does die and to send it to a lab for a necropsy. We rarely find dead bears and it is even more rare to see them die. A necropsy plus the cam footage of the cub’s behavior could help biologists glean further insight into the circumstances and biology of bears.

      • Eileen Albert

        Thank You Ranger Mike for getting back to me. I saw the post from Ranger Jeanne after I wrote this.

  23. ajes

    While we are all animal lovers here, please read Ranger Mike’s comments about why humans should not interfere. If no other reason, cost, but also, this is nature, not a zoo. Have you ever approached a mother bear with cubs? Good luck coming out alive.

    We don’t know what happened to the cub, if it was caused by a medical condition or external or human causes. Regardless, humans are part of the natural selection process – hunters, cars, accidents. It is painful and sad to watch a cute cub suffer, but this happens all the time off camera. I am sad for the momma and remaining sibling, but this is a real opportunity to experience the raw and not always cute and cuddly part of nature, from the safety and comfort of our human homes.

    • Gail

      Thank you for understanding we are all animal lovers here who just want this cub to be ok. However, there was a time before humans put poison out or cars driving down the road crashing with wildlife. The bears were here first and are having to learn how to live with human encroachment.

      • ajes

        Understood. That is evolution. I am a passionate bear-lover and daily watcher of these and polar bear cams, too. We don’t know what happened to the bear, so there is no evidence it was caused by humans. From the descriptions of what was on camera, it had a seizure. We all want it to be OK and it’s so sad to watch a cute animal in dire distress. We all feel helpless. Maybe we can channel the energy into being kinder to the earth!

  24. Appletree

    Like you guys been following this sad story, did you guys see mama bear stand up over the cub to protect it when another female bear walked nearby with her 2 cubs…heartbreaking. I understand all the rangers are saying, they are right but it is so very very hard to watch.

  25. Laura Cline

    My feed is down – Almost glad – to see this creature struggle to survive is gut wrenching to say the least…. So glad for this camera most of the time… but not today….. I love nature and understand her complexities and it is times like these that my heart, so invested in all life, weeps….

  26. Fourdogs111

    Just logged in to check on the cub before I go to work. It’s too dark to see anything so I’ll log in from work.

  27. Laura

    I think I was forgetting – maybe it was night when it was so dark! oh boy…..

  28. PatG

    Thank you Ranger Mike for your beautifully written details about the poor little cub and his family.

  29. JoeBear

    Thank you for the great blog and to all the Rangers for keeping us updated.

  30. Heather!

    Is it truly #451 in this video? If so, it seems she may have lost another cub already this year…only a couple of weeks ago.

  31. Laura

    Are these magnificent animals capable of jealously? I wonder.. just watched another mamma and two cubs stroll by – She just lifted her head and watched them then lowered it again……What was she thinking I wonder?

  32. Heather!

    Wow. Have been watching as mama and sibling woke and checked on the cub. I was sure he had died…but I *think* he is still breathing. I had hoped he’d died in the night. That would be better than prolonged suffering. He looks to be in bad shape. Very dehydrated. But what an amazing young mama! If he is still breathing, she is doing her maternal duty and staying with him, protecting him, maybe even keeping him warm.

    • Heather!

      If she was first identified in 2013 as a subadult, is it safe to assume these might be her first cubs? (Though she may have had some last year that may not have survived.) Is cub mortality higher with first-time or inexperienced mothers?

  33. For over 36 hours, we’ve watched a cub lie in the same place and mom has never ventured far. 451 has demonstrated strong maternal instincts—persistence, patience, defensiveness. I am learning a lot about about these traits in a mother bear.

    To be honest, her continued vigilance surprises me—although I must admit that I have never had the opportunity to watch something quite like this. During the few instances I’ve seen a mother become separated from a cub, the mother bear acts defensive and stressed for a finite period of time (minutes to hours), but then quickly goes back to a “normal” routine of foraging and caring for other cubs (if she has them). When cubs are killed, we don’t see the mother bear return to the cub repeatedly.

    451 isn’t doing those things, at least not so far. Her cub isn’t dead or missing, but two days ago, I would’ve predicted that 451 would’ve abandoned the cub. She hasn’t yet. Instead of foraging for long periods of time and abandoning it, she’s only fished for short bouts. She repeatedly returned to the cub and rested next to it. Yesterday, we even watched her nudge the cub and stand over it protectively when another bear family approached.

    This is her first known litter, and she’s invested a tremendous amount of energy in her cubs. She doesn’t want to lose that investment, but how long can she wait? This is the most critical feeding time of the year for bears. If the cub doesn’t recover, she’ll have to leave it. Since we’ve never had the chance to closely observe an ailing cub for such a long period of time, I can’t say how typical her behavior is, but we know that mother bears care for their cubs and they are willing to sacrifice a lot in order to give their offspring the best chance to survive. So far, she’s shown me that hasn’t given up. 451 is persistent and patient. These are traits we can all admire.

    • Juergen

      bears always are able to surprise us very much….iam so glad to have the chance to learn so much about the bears

  34. Laura

    That exodus has to be the saddest thing I have EVER witnessed in the wild…

    • Heather!

      When I first saw this cub the night before last, there was no sign of mama for quite a while. (Guessing she was fishing.) She might still return today. He definitely is still alive.

      • Heather!

        And here they come! 🙂

      • Laura Cline

        My heart is breaking here…. She may but the way she kept looking back and the sibling… I don’t know….. Heavy heavy heart today… even said a prayer for him!

        • Heather!

          I wonder if she was considering what to do. She did return that time, but this time she’s been gone for almost three hours. I fear she might have given up. 🙁

          • Laura

            This poor cub – I saw the seizures earlier – oh my God so hard to watch.. Is there any chance of recovery – I keep praying!

  35. Cocobutt

    I just wish there was some thing the rangers could do. So very sad….Brings tears to my eyes.

  36. Heather!

    It’s particularly sad if she did, indeed, lose another cub a couple of weeks ago. These are her first cubs. Poor girl. But what a great mama!

  37. Ais4apple

    I wonder what type of ailment this cut has suffered. Because I havent seen him lift his head at all or move his limbs – it’s a puzzle but he is still breathing.

  38. Anita Channel

    Please…can something be done for this little guy…

  39. ray

    Ranger mike please DO SOMETHING this poor cub needs your help he is suffering help.you can do something but u wont

  40. ray

    Yea there r rules there and rules were meant to be BROKEN now is the time put an end to this poor cubs suffering r u a man or a mouse ranger mike

  41. Appletree

    This is a horrible thing to watch, I know we don’t have to but we know he/she is there…and we just want his/her suffering to end……perhaps it would be better to disconnect this webcam if nothing can/will be done for this cub…….it must be hard for you rangers, I am sure you don’t like to see this suffering either but you are bound by rules and regulations…..:((((((

  42. Heather!

    It’s not just rules. It’s a matter of practicality and safety, too. We know the reasons he can’t be given veterinary treatment, and they are many. But I don’t know that he is suffering. He appears to be unconscious. If Mama continues to protect him, he might still wake up and recover. His breathing looks more regular to me than it did last night.

  43. Cocobutt

    I agree Heather, his breathing is regular now. But he just had two seizures about 10 mins ago. God willing he may wake up.

  44. Cheryl Kimberlin Stone

    How long has this been going on? I am new to this site & praying for this cub’s recovery.

  45. shauna

    what happened to the live feeds……… I saw a truck go by the cub and then the feeds cut out??

  46. Cheryl Kimberlin Stone

    Just read that it’s been 36 hours.

    • Heather!

      I’ve been following it for forty-eight hours now. He was still very much conscious when I first saw him lying there. I thought he was just playing and resting.

  47. Shena

    Did the truck pick up the cub?

    • shauna

      I don’t know what is going on?? The feeds have been down for like an hour now ever since that truck drove by the sick cub……I’ve been watching for 2 days now and this is frustrating not knowing what is going on!!

  48. Cocobutt

    Is it gone. My live watch is off!!! I’ve been watching for tow days.

  49. Heather!

    451 is Mother of the Year! She’s back! She has to look after her other baby, too, but she has returned to her sick cub. Amazing.

  50. Angela Nona

    451 was playing with her healthy cub. They ate. She has returned to the sick cub. The cub has had several seizures. Must be an infection of some type.

  51. Angela Nona

    more rapid breathing now.

  52. Laura Cline

    I also wonder how this will affect the learning of social interaction for the 2nd cub..

  53. pandion1

    It doesn’t look like the cub is breathing.

  54. Anita Channel

    I don’t see any breathing…

  55. Myra Huls

    Looks like it just quit breathing, poor baby.

    • M Christine Daly

      I watched the cub take it’s last breath shortly after 11:00 PM EST. Mom & sibling came back about 5 min. later & walked right past it this time. RIP 🙁

  56. Anita Channel

    When was Mama last seen?

  57. Myra Huls

    Her and her cub walked by her, but kept on walking about 25 min. Ago.

  58. Myra Huls

    The cub was still breathing then.

  59. Denise Lomeli

    I have been watching mom and her cubs for some time and am saddened by this. I have not seen this little one take any breaths for the last 10 minutes or so.

  60. Heather!

    Alive or dead, I wish Mama would come back for one more night with him. I hate seeing him out in the cold night by himself. So lonely.

  61. Denise Lomeli

    I said the same thing to my daughter. Breaks my heart to see him all alone in the cold night. I know it is nature but it is heartbreaking. Mom must take care of her other cub now.

  62. Laura Cline

    Just got on and read he may have passed.. thank God there will be no more suffering for him/her….. RIP beautiful one – and I hope his/her sibling will thrive and Mamma soon be taking care of future cubs…Will there be any way we will know what caused his/her demise?

    • Heather!

      I believe the rangers are going to try to retrieve his body at daybreak (so, soon, I think?). Also, I read from other commenters that Ranger Roy will do a live broadcast sometime today or this evening. Can’t confirm that, but I will certainly be watching.

      • Laura Cline

        Thank you Heather for the info

        • Heather!

          You’re welcome, but I have more. 🙂
          I actually just read Ranger Jeanne’s update. Because the boats have been put away for the winter, it will take longer for the bear techs to get there. She estimated maybe 10am (their time), but said it could be after that.

          Still no idea when a broadcast will happen. Possibly during the retrieval?

          HUGS to you and other bear lovers after these looong few days! Reckon we all could use some sleep by now.

          • Laura Cline

            I’m new to this site… sadly I came on when all this started. of course this is the delicate balance of nature…. Can you tell me where this is? and thanks for the update too!!!!

          • Heather!

            Dang…I nearly asked you if you knew where all these other comments are! I only discovered it yesterday…thought I must be the last to figure it out. There are thousands of comments on the explore.org homepage, under all the video thumbnails (at least that’s how it appears on my device). 🙂

          • Laura Cline

            I stumbled upon this site through my fb page since I have like a million animal groups, site, etc. haha…. I’ve been glued to my seat here hoping and praying for the little one… Alas nature claimed him/her back…. I will forever remember this cub and his fight for life and his mother’s valiant attempt to revive him/her and stay by his/her side to the end. I’ve always known animals have incredible emotional lives – seems like the rest of the world if finally catching up on that philosophy… thank God……

    • Fourdogs111

      On Death
      Kahlil Gibran

      You would know the secret of death.
      But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?
      The owl whose night-bound eyes are blind unto the day cannot unveil the mystery of light.
      If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.
      For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.

      In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;
      And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.
      Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.
      Your fear of death is but the trembling of the shepherd when he stands before the king whose hand is to be laid upon him in honour.
      Is the shepherd not joyful beneath his trembling, that he shall wear the mark of the king?
      Yet is he not more mindful of his trembling?

      For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
      And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?

      Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
      And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
      And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

      • Shena

        This is beautiful. Thank you so much for posting. Little cub is happy with the Lord now. This made me so happy, thanks again. I needed to read this.

      • Laura Cline

        Thank you for this poem – quite beautiful… I feel so deeply affected by this… my heart – my very soul lies with each living creature on this earth…..and pray one day all will love our fellow inhabitants as I do.

      • Anita Channel


  63. Appletree

    Just logged on and sad but pleased he/she is not suffering anymore……as someone else said I hope the final cub will prosper and wonderful mama has many more cubs….so great to have shared this sad time with people who care about bears as much as I do……

  64. Cocobutt

    Happy but at the same time sad that the little baby passed. This just shows us how fragile our wild life is and how much they must be protected from us. Humans need to protect the environment so these precious creatures may survive for ever.

  65. Ann

    Thank you to all who kept an update I couldn’t watch anymore and reading was some what easier

  66. Laura Cline

    I found it interesting to note that on baby’s last day of life mama bear had a lot of vocalization going on….

  67. PBragg

    The momma is back

  68. Cocobutt

    The baby must still a alive.

  69. Anita Channel

    I just tuned in…the cub is in a different position from last night….does anyone know why?

  70. Appletree

    This is getting worse and worse, the cub must be dead but mama back and lying over him……and nuzzling him….the other cub has walked off must be hungry she needs to go and feed him and herself for winter…..I hope the rangers will move the cub soon…..its heartbreaking

  71. Anita Channel

    Cam op where is the other cub?

  72. Appletree

    Yes that’s true…….is this normal behaviour? Never heard of it before….

  73. Cocobutt

    This is unbearable and amazing to witness. This type of behavior I think has never been witnessed. Maybe one of the Rangers can give us more info.

  74. Anita Channel

    Any news on where the vet techs are?

  75. Appletree

    No not heard anything else, really hope the rangers will do a talk soon…and hope we can get it from archive as prob will be when I’m asleep as I am in the UK!

  76. Appletree

    Hi Anita about 1.5 hours…..sobbing my eyes out! One point she was resting her head on the dead cub and the sibling was nuzzling him as well. Then she appeared to be licking him……..she walked away a little but now as you see is back…

  77. Anita Channel

    I have been watching since 9:00 am yesterday,..

  78. Appletree

    oh wow u seen it all then, watched lots yesterday and it was so sad…….

  79. Appletree

    Saw someone posted his last breath, maybe that was u……..bet you have used a few tissues as well!

  80. Appletree

    There is an update the bear techs will arrive earliest 1030 but wont approach if mamma around

  81. Anita Channel

    I have been transfixed by these bears.Hey.there is a boat coming!

  82. Appletree

    Really! Computer went dead went to get charger!! Cant see it now……!! Whats happening!!

  83. myra

    Men taking pictures touching cub

  84. myra

    They are taking the cub to their boat

  85. Anita Channel

    I wonder what they are doing…

  86. Appletree

    Yes got picture just in time…..sobbed my heart again when saying good bye for the last time to little one…….yes they seem to be on a spit of land looking at stuff..hope the rangers will tell us ………..can I borrow your towel!!!

  87. Appletree

    Wonder if they are looking for clues as to what killed the cub??

  88. myra

    Poor mama

  89. Anita Channel

    Where is the boat?

  90. Anita Channel

    Is this Mama?

  91. myra

    It went on down river

  92. myra

    I think so,that is where her and the cub was when boat came, when boat left and camera went back to her I haven’t seen cub in awhile.

  93. Anita Channel

    Cam op do you see the bear

  94. Anita Channel

    I don’t about anyone else, but I will never forget this experience…thank you to everyone around the world who was invoved.Rip little bear..

  95. Appletree

    I agree, it has been an amazing experience, I think we have all learnt a lot that bears do grieve, I will never forget her paw on her cub and then her head resting on him….I hope she will go on now and her only cub will survive the winter…..one day I hope to get to Katmai and maybe see baby bears last resting place in the flesh…….take care everyone…..been great to be part of this bear forum

    • Denise Anne Ollington

      Oh dear the tears are falling,what a beautiful mum.i must say all the joy these cameras bring me far out way this sadness but I will never forget this.love to you 451 and R.I.P little one ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. Myra

    If I was close to mama bear, I would drop some food with celexa in it. For a few days.

  97. Shena

    Oh my broken heart.

  98. Appletree

    She back looking for her cub…………will it ever end…

  99. Shena

    Are we sure the cub has passed?

  100. Appletree

    Yes the rangers took him away a couple of hours ago

  101. Shena

    I had hoped maybe they took him and were going to give him the medical attention he needed. I was looking forward to a reunion with Mama.

  102. Melanie

    I feel so afraid that mamma and baby are going
    to grieve themselves to sickness. I see it n them

  103. Laura Cline

    I sincerely hope this opens professionals eyes to the fact that oh hell yes animal grieve – and live very emotional lives..No question here is there????????

  104. Denise Lomeli

    I am just heartbroken watching mama and her cub look for the other baby. I have been so emotional over all this. I feel so sad for them. I can’t seem to pull myself away from watching. I hope mama will be OK.

    • cowl1

      Me too 🙁 I woke up this morning feeling so depressed…I can’t seem to stop thinking about it…..so darn sad. I just pray now that they will be ok.

  105. Ruth

    I am so sad! Besides watching so many hours on the webcams we saw these cubs and mama in September at Brooks. Nature has its reasons but still so sad for everyone from the mama and sibling, the cam operator, cam fans and rangers.

  106. Appletree

    I agree Laura!! Its been long agreed that elephants grieve, this is overwhelming proof that at least bears do as well and I am sure many other species too….I really hope she will move on now to get ready for winter…her cub needs food to survive the winter season…….

    • Laura Cline

      Oh Appletree if only we could have intervened somehow – but I agree that nature is what nature is and will do what she does and has done for all time….. I’m sure Mama and last cub will move on…. I believe as in humans each animal will be individual in his/her reactions and timetable on something like this….. I’m so grateful in a way to have been witness to another phase of ‘living’ with this gorgeous animals…..

      • Appletree

        I know Laura….it was so hard to watch….I would be sacked straight away as a ranger as I could not but help intervene! But yes the privilege of being to watch thousands of miles away (I’m in the UK) is wonderful and there have been some really happy moments! For example, after watching the boat sail away with the little cub, crying my eyes out I saw the Mama with the Four cubs and they all looked so healthy!! Life goes on in Katmai!! One day I hope to go there myself!! See you there!!

  107. Joyce

    Looks like the mother and baby out playing in the water now.

  108. Joyce

    Looks like the mom and baby playing out in the water

  109. Anita Channel

    Has anyone have an update on Mama and cub?

  110. Elisabeth Homer

    Does anyone have the poem about the deceased cub? I thought it was beautiful.

  111. Laura Cline

    Any news on what took the life of the cub??????????

  112. Sandie Wise

    Are they finished with live cams at Brooks falls?

    • Denise Anne Ollington

      I was wondering the same thing,but I do love watching the highlights.thanks guys

  113. Cris Simon

    Was wondering about the Brooks a Falls cams too!

  114. Donna

    I watched the ranger video, but still have a question. I noticed after you took the dead cub, the mother and sibling tracked where you took it to the boat. And then walked the beach…will they now imprint human connection to death/loss and have negative feelings against humans??

  115. Marion Hess

    I hope to find the video discuscion about the necropsy results here. Watching this play out was heart breaking but so educational. I happened to watch most of it live.

  116. Sara Matson

    I’Ve been really busy have the baby bear necrobsy results been posted.

  117. Leslie Meadows

    Will you please post results on cub & male bear,everyone is concerned. Thank you,Leslie ❤️

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