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LRW Bear on Rocks DD

Daily Dose of Love: Can You Bear It?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? After a long, hard day of fishing, nothing looks better than a pile of rocks in the sun. As the food settles in, this bear can’t help but feel its eyelids droop. Don’t fight it! We know you can’t bear to stay awake any longer! Dara | explore.org


Daily Dose Of Love: Brown Bears Take It Outside

Bears Got Beef Over Salmon Last week we talked a little about sparring between bear cubs. One reason young bears playfight is to prepare them for big league brawls like this. Adult bears fight primarily for the best fishing spots and access to other resources. Bears are armed with tremendous strength, large claws, and teeth and


Bear Story: TinyJulz <><

“My favorite moment is when 402 and her 4 spring cubs were walking along the lower river on a still, brisk and beautiful autumn day of September 23, 2015. The cubs were all line up perfectly behind their mom on the trail as to be playing follow the leader. 🐻🐻🐻🐻and mom 402 🐻” – TinyJulz


Daily Dose of Love: Brown Bear Dines Al Fresco

Lovely Day For A Picnic! Dining al fresco on fresh fish with 5-star atmosphere. Ooh, and a water feature? Nice. The brown bears of Katmai National Park and Preserve sure do live the good life. Make sure to tune in every day on our Brown Bear Live Cam to watch more incredible #bearcam moments! Rick


Daily Dose of Love: Bear Cub Salmon Thief!

The Lil’est Salmon Snatcher! “I’ll just take this! K, thnx mom byyyyye!” This is our favorite bear cam moment of the week, when mama bear shared a salmon with her roly poly cub – only for the little one to make off with most of it! Om nom nom. Make sure to tune into our Brown

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