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Another summer with Holly and her cubs?

By Mike Fitz Last week, Brooks River’s most famous bear family—435 Holly, her biological (now 2.5 year-old) female cub, and her adopted (now 3.5 year-old) male cub—were seen for a brief time at Brooks River. Last fall, the future of this family was a target for much speculation. Would 435 keep her cubs for another

Why National Parks Can’t Ignore Individual Animals

By Katmai NP Ranger Mike Fitz Individual animals are undoubtedly important to the public (just read about Cecil the Lion) and their stories can be a catalyst for change, but a recent Yellowstone Science article, I Am Not a Scientist, calls this a “myopia.” It describes how a focus on individual animals limits our ability

Ranger Mike on the Emotion and Resiliency of Bears

Since last night viewers have tuned in to the young cub of mother bear 451 on the Katmai River Watch Cam. We don’t know much yet, but it would appear the cub stumbled and seized, and now has labored breathing, laying on the road side. Mother and sibling have intermittently joined to rest next to

Get Your Feet Wet in a Brooks Falls Bearcam Chat!

To sustain them through the denning period of winter, the brown bears of Katmai National Park have to eat about 40 salmon a day over the course of spring, summer, and fall. If you’ve seen them in action on the Brooks Falls Cam, you know they have the tools to fish successfully, but where do they

Divot, Brown Bear #854

The Making of Katmai: A Live Discussion with NPS Rangers

Robert Griggs was the first champion of Katmai National Park. On August 25th, 2015, the 99th birthday of the National Park Service, join rangers Becca and Mike as they discuss Griggs’ story of discovery, exploration, and selfless stewardship. The live conversation with Katmai National Park rangers will take place tomorrow at 3 pm AKDT /

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