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Explore the Universe with Charlie Annenberg

Humankind is driven by the need to explore. What creates the need to see the unknown side of a mountain? To cross great oceans in the search for distant shores? In many cases, it’s simply an innate thirst for knowledge and adventure.

A Timeline of Animal Astronauts

You may already know the story of Laika, the stray dog from Moscow who became the first animal to orbit earth on a journey that resulted in her death. (If you’re unfamiliar, read Time‘s recent article on the sad story.) Laika, however, isn’t the only animal to venture beyond Earth.

How to watch the first solar eclipse of 2014 online

mothernaturenetwork: The ‘bizarre eclipse’ will mostly be visible in person to penguins in Antarctica and some lucky Australians, but thanks to live web feeds from some telescopes, anyone can watch.  

Stargazing: Red Hot Might Be Cool

From National Geographic: Some stars have always stood out from the rest. Their brightness is a factor of how much energy they put out, which is called their luminosity, and also how far away from Earth they are. Stars in the heavens may also appear to be different colors because their temperatures are not all the same.

Space Explorers

With last week’s huge discovery that ripples from the big bang are still reverberating through our universe, come join us in outer space. Charlie, founder of Explore, returns to his birthplace of Roswell, New Mexico. In 1947, it was believed that a UFO crashed there. Reality or hoax? You decide.

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