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Daily Dose Of Love: Wild Coyote Surprises Pronghorn!

I didn’t see you there! Reaching speeds of over 40 miles per hour, the pronghorn is one of the fastest mammals on earth. Way faster than a predator like this coyote, even if it cared to give chase. Still, we’re glad the pronghorn finally noticed the toothy canid and hoofed it before it became lunch.

This Week on Explore (7/28)

Service Dog Project has welcomed another litter of future service dogs! Please meet Lanie’s Bugs Litter, 4 girls and 4 boys!  We’ve been getting some spectacular sunsets on the Bison Cam!  Dr. Rob Bierregaard stopped by to give us an informative and exciting live chat about ospreys! Get the full recap here! Best Bear Sighting:

This Week on Explore (7/21)

Beluga Boat is back online! Watch live here! The Doves have fledged the nest! Here you can see Mom giving the last chick some much needed encouragement before fledging! Rachel protects Bailey from a GHO attack! All seem to be doing very well, you can watch them here! We were left speechless by this incredible sunset on our

Daily Dose of Love: Thirsty Bison

Gulp, gulp, gulp! All year long, bison stop by the watering hole looking for a little taste of refreshment. Weighing up to 2000 pounds, bison need to make sure it stays hydrated in order to carry on its daily life of rolling around in the dirt and eating grass! Stay tuned every day on our Watering Hole Live

Daily Dose of Love: Stormy Plains

Storm Clouds, Storm Clouds, Never Go Away! What’s the saying again? Stormy days make us sway? No? Oh right, I just made that up. I guess it was because I couldn’t help but get hypnotized by the zen flow of the storm clouds beginning to form. I think it is safe to say that I don’t

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